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What is pop-ups are appearing because adware has been installed onto your computer. Adware is not a computer virus therefore, it needs permission to enter your computer. And you indirectly give it when you install freeware, one that has adware attached to it, and not deselect the added items. Adware is not going to damage your computer itself but… Redirect Uninstall

What is is a yet another browser hijacker that can appear in your browsers out of nowhere. The hijacker makes unwanted modifications, causes redirects, inserts ads into your visited sites, and so on. All of this is done in order to make money. By promoting various products and services, the hijacker’s developers earn revenue. Unfortunately, there is nothing beneficial about… Redirect

What is is a browser hijacker that provides a dubious search engine. Browser hijackers are potentially unwanted programs that hijack browsers in order to redirect users to sponsored web pages. They usually enter computers via software bundles, which means it is attached to free software and can install alongside without the user even noticing. is not malicious but…


What is falls into the category of browser hijackers, because it can alter your browser preferences without your permission. The hijacker takes over your browsers after it enters your PC through a free software bundle. It aims at making money for its developers by promoting its sponsors. This aim is achieved by inserting ads into your browsers, causing redirects,…

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What is FVP Search?
FVP Search is promoted as a search tool that can improve your online experience by presenting you with the most relevant search results. Unfortunately, that is not what it actually is. The website functions as a browser hijacker, which means that it modifies your browser settings upon arrival. The hijacker uses the bundling method to travel online. Its… Uninstall Guide

About is a dubious search engine, also considered to be a browser hijacker. If it enters your computer, it will alter your browser’s settings and attempt to redirect you to sponsored pages. This is typical browser hijacker behavior as they exists to generate traffic for certain sites. You must be confused about how it managed to enter your computer…

All Czech Redirect Virus

About All Czech Redirect
All Czech Redirect is a browser hijacker that offers you a dubious search engine. Like usual for browser hijackers, it will enter your computer via software bundles and will attempt to redirect you to sponsored websites. One of the main reasons why browser hijackers even exists is because they want to generate pay-per-click revenue. Your browser’s settings…

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What is is not a search tool even though it has a word Search in the middle. Instead, it is a website promoted by a browser hijacker that pretends to be a reputable search provider. Specialists say that such bad search tools often fool users into believing that they are trustworthy because they return search results just like genuine… – How to remove?

What is falls into the category of browser hijackers. Its main characteristic is that it can alter your browser settings without your approval. The hijacker can replace your home page and default search engine, however, that is not all it does. The goal of the unwanted app is to generate online traffic. It makes profit for its creators by employing… Browser Redirect

What is is known to be a browser hijacker even though its appearance suggests that it is an ordinary website providing the popular content to users. This website has received this name because it is capable of changing the settings of browsers without permission. By doing that, it makes sure that users see it every day. Even though the…