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What is is a yet another member of the browser hijacker family that claims to better your online experience, when in reality all it does is generate web traffic and thus earn profit for its creators. The hijacker travels in freeware bundles and affects all well-known web browsers. It modifies their settings and causes other changes like adding adverts into… Redirect Virus

What is
Despite the fact that may be promoted as a useful search engine that will provide you with improved experience and better search results, it still falls into the category of apps that are ad-supported. It is none other than a browser hijacker that aims at profiting off of computer users. It changes browser settings, causes redirects, and… – How to remove?

About this hijacker is a browser hijacker, completely identical to many other hijackers. In fact, if you have had a hijacker before, there’s a good chance that it looked exactly like this one. And if you have encountered a hijacker before, that means you have not learned your lesson when it comes to installing freeware. Browser hijackers are attached to… Redirect Removal

What is is an Internet search engine. Frankly speaking, it only pretends to be a legitimate search tool because, in reality, it is a browser hijacker which hijacks users’ browsers without permission. We say that it hijacks them because users find new settings applied on their Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is usually set as…

How to remove Redirect?

What is is similar to a number of browser hijackers that are all aimed at generating online traffic. Although it may be promoted as a valuable search tool that will somehow improve your search results, there is no truth behind that. The hijacker was developed to make profit for its creators and nothing else. It most likely entered your system… – How to remove?

What is
Although has “google” in its name, which is known to be a legitimate search tool, it is surely not a legitimate search provider that could be trusted fully. It is not even recommended using it as a default search tool for searching the information on the web because instead of displaying relevant search results, it might cause…

What is

What is is an Internet search engine. At least, it pretends to be one. Users usually find it set on their Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers as a homepage and default search engine. The majority of users have nothing to do with the appearance of this website on their browsers, so is usually called a… Removal

About this threat is a dubious website and a browser hijacker. If you find it on your computer, you must have recently installed free software. Users usually do not install hijackers themselves. They are attached to free software in a hidden manner and if you do not deselect them during installation, you will end up allowing them to install. While…

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About is a browser hijacker, also known as a redirect virus. Despite specialists calling it that, browser hijackers are not malicious. They are mild threats that aim to generate income for sponsored sites by redirecting users to them. While they do not harm computers by themselves, they can bring about trouble for you if you are not careful. This…

How to remove Redirect

What is
Are you redirected straight to when your browser is opened? Are your default search engine and homepage gone? If you can answer positive to these two questions, we are sure that you have become a victim of an infection called a browser hijacker. These infections are called like this because they change browsers’ settings and do not…