Browser Hijackers


What is is a browser hijacker that can enter your computer without your notice during the installation of other freeware. It may be referred to as a potentially unwanted application or an adware as well. The main purpose of the hijacker is to expose you to various adverts and thus generate online traffic. That is how its creators make money.…

How to remove

What is was created in order to generate web traffic. It is a browser hijacker that is targeted towards Chinese-speaking computer users. Although the app itself may not cause any direct harm to your computer, it does not mean that it is something that you should keep installed. Among the many annoying symptoms of the hijacker are browser settings… Redirect Virus

What is is an undesirable domain which you will be redirected to every day after the infiltration of a dangerous computer infection called browser hijacker. It illegally enters computers, so users often do not even realize that it is on their computers until they notice set on their browsers. This undesirable URL affects all browsers, both popular ones…

Rambler Search virus

What is Rambler Search virus?
If your home page has been switched to Rambler Search virus without your approval, it means that you are dealing with a browser hijacker. Although it may not be the most dangerous threat, it does cause lots of inconveniences and considerably lowers your online safety. The hijacker affects all well-known browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google… Removal

What is redirects are occurring because there is an adware program installed on your computer. You might not even notice the adware as it enters silently. You might also think that malware is causing those pop-up ads. But that it not the case, adware is generally not considered to malicious but it will test your patience. Adware aims to… Removal

About redirects are occurring because you have an adware program on your system. Adware is not a malicious virus and generally aims to make income from pay-per-click. It causes various disruptions, including redirecting you to weird pages. This can be highly irritating because the redirects happen at random times no matter where you click. While ad-supported software is a… Removal

About is a browser extension that supposedly allows you to access Geo-restricted content. It is also considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that falls into the adware category. PUPs are not malicious computer virus so there is no need to worry about it damaging your computer but that does not mean it should remain install on your… Virus Removal

What is
Although visually may not differ much from other search portals, it actually functions as a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are used by their developers to make money. They promote their sponsors by exposing users to advertising data and each time that the users interact with it, the creators of the ad-supported app earn revenue. affects all well-known browsers, so… – How to delete?

What is is a page where you will be redirected to with every web browser launch if a browser hijacker enters your computer. In order to be visible for users, it changes homepages, and, in most cases, default search engines on the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The website itself does not…

What is

What is is a webpage you might find on your browsers one day. Its presence indicates the entrance of a browser hijacker infection. Do not let this page stay set on your browsers because it shows really nasty advertisements which might quickly expose you to all kinds of threats. Not only commercial advertisements shows indicate that this URL…