WiperSoft Anti-Ransomware Guard

Using advanced proactive technology and behavior analysis, WiperSoft Guard anti-ransomware is able to detect ransomware in time and prevent it from encrypting your files.

Essentially, WiperSoft Guard monitors everything that happens on a computer and looks for certain kind of behavior that could indicate a program being malicious. If a program is exhibiting signs of being potentially dangerous, it gets shut down before it can touch your files.

At this current moment, this is the only way to detect ransomware in time. However, it does come with a price, as older machines running WiperSoft Guard may suffer from slight performance issues.

WiperSoft anti-ransomware technology protects your computer against ransomware

A ransomware attack happens every 5 seconds. WiperSoft Guard provides great protection against ransomware like WannaCry, Petya, Bad Rabbit, TeslaCrypt, Locky, Rannoh, and a considerable amount of other file-encrypting malware threats.

WiperSoft Guard works great as a complementary tool for your current security solution.

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