Coos ransomware removal

Coos ransomware aims to encrypt your files and take them for hostage until you agree to pay a ransom. This ransomware is part of the notorious Djvu/STOP ransomware family, which is responsible for releasing more than two hundred ransomware versions.

Apple Platform Security fake alerts

What are Apple Platform Security fake alerts
Apple Platform Security fake alerts are scam messages that falsely claim that there are viruses on your Mac computer. It’s essentially a tech-support scam that wants you to call the displayed phone number to supposedly receive professional tech-support from Apple technicians. However, if you were to call, you’d be connected to professional scammers who…

Remove virus

What is virus virus refers to browser hijackers that misuse the legitimate search engine. If you suddenly find set as your default search engine and the site loads as your homepage, your computer has a browser hijacker installed. Browser hijackers are pretty minor infections that make changes to browser’s settings and try to redirect users to sponsored…