Stop redirects is a deceptive website that users often get redirected to when browsing questionable sites. When users get redirected to it, a browser notification will pop up and claim that “ wants to show notifications”. If users click “Allow”, the site will spam ads onto users’ screens. The site is misusing a legitimate browser feature that allows sites to show…

How to stop redirects is a highly questionable website that tries to trick users into allowing ads on their desktops. When users get redirected to it, a browser alert appears saying “ wants to show notifications”. If users click “Allow”, they will start getting ads on their desktops.

Best VPN in Poland

If you’re looking for the best VPN in Poland, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are our top two recommendations. A VPN in Poland is not strictly necessary but users will find many uses for such tools.

How to remove Waqa ransomware

Waqa ransomware is file-encrypting malware that takes personal files hostage. The ransomware is part of the Djvu/STOP malware family. The malicious actors operating this malware family release new versions regularly, with hundreds of versions already in the wild. Waqa ransomware can be identified by the .waqa file extension added to encrypted file names. Unfortunately, only users with backups can recover files…

How to remove FindClix browser hijacker

FindClix is a questionable browser extension, classified as a browser hijacker. Once installed, it will hijack the browser and make unwanted changes to a browser’s settings. The hijacker promotes a questionable search engine that will insert sponsored content into search results. These types of infections aim to redirect users to certain websites to generate revenue.