Remove browser hijacker is a questionable website that would be set as your homepage if your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. It’s a pretty noticeable computer infection because your browser’s settings will be changed and you will be redirected to random websites out of the blue.

How to delete pop-up ads is highly questionable website that pushes a social engineering scam that tries to trick users into subscribing to advertisements. These scams take advantage of a legitimate browser feature that allows websites to send notifications to users.…

Remove QuickTab Plus hijacker

QuickTab Plus is questionable browser extension, classified as a browser hijacker by anti-virus programs. It gets into computers via software bundling and tries to redirect to sponsored websites in order to generate traffic and revenue for said sites. It constantly redirects to

Delete HDSportsSearch hijacker

HDSportsSearch is a browser hijacker that takes over the browser and changes settings in order to be able to redirect you to sponsored sites. If you have this hijacker on your computer, will be set as your homepage.

Remove pop-ups is a highly questionable domain that pushes a social engineering scam. When you visit the website, a pop-up will appear saying “ wants to show notifications”. If you press “Allow”, you would be agreeing to see advertisements on even when you exit the site.

ExploreActivity removal

ExploreActivity is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that installs on Mac computers. While it may be promoted as a legitimate program, its questionable behaviour and installation methods are why it’s classified as PUP by a lot of anti-virus programs.

Delete ads is a highly-questionable torrent website that could expose you to a lot of potentially dangerous content. ads can be quite dangerous, so interacting with them when on the site is not a good idea. It’s a site you may be randomly redirected to, or end up on when looking to download torrents.