Browser Hijackers

Remove browser hijacker is a questionable website that would be set as your homepage if your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. It’s a pretty noticeable computer infection because your browser’s settings will be changed and you will be redirected to random websites out of the blue.

Remove QuickTab Plus hijacker

QuickTab Plus is questionable browser extension, classified as a browser hijacker by anti-virus programs. It gets into computers via software bundling and tries to redirect to sponsored websites in order to generate traffic and revenue for said sites. It constantly redirects to

Delete HDSportsSearch hijacker

HDSportsSearch is a browser hijacker that takes over the browser and changes settings in order to be able to redirect you to sponsored sites. If you have this hijacker on your computer, will be set as your homepage.

Delete Santa APP hijacker

Santa APP is a browser hijacker that changes your browser’s settings in order to redirect you to sponsored websites. If you have this hijacker installed, you are likely constantly redirected to It should be mentioned that it’s not a particularly dangerous infection, though you should still remove Santa APP hijacker as soon as possible.

Remove PDFSearchly browser hijacker

PDFSearchly browser hijacker is a pretty harmless computer infection that mainly changes browser’s settings so that you are redirected to whenever you open your browser. This is done to promote a questionable search engine that would redirect to highly questionable websites.

Remove virus

What is virus virus refers to browser hijackers that misuse the legitimate search engine. If you suddenly find set as your default search engine and the site loads as your homepage, your computer has a browser hijacker installed. Browser hijackers are pretty minor infections that make changes to browser’s settings and try to redirect users to sponsored…

Remove virus

What is virus virus refers to various potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and malware that may be using’s name to install on users’ computers. is the website for the popular, and completely legitimate, browser game. Resembling the classic Snake game, Slither is a multiplayer game that has players controlling a worm that has to consume multicolored pallets to… Removal – Remove

What is is a highly questionable website that may be set as your homepage if your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are pretty harmless infections that don’t harm the computer directly. What they do is they change browser’s settings and set their promoted sites as homepages. In this case, it’s that will load every…