Idp.alexa.53 removal

Idp.alexa.53 appears to be a false positive, detected by anti-virus programs AVG and Avast. The detection appears when users try to install or update certain software. The detection does not appear to be associated to one specific program, and according to users’ posts on various forums, it can happen to random programs.

How to delete Enfp ransomware

Enfp ransomware is file encrypting malware that comes from the notorious Djvu/STOP ransomware family. It’s a very serious malware infection that essentially takes files for hostage by encrypting them. This ransomware can be identified by the .enfp file extension that’s added to encrypted files.

Remove Text ransomware

Text ransomware is a dangerous malware infection from the Dharma malware family that encrypts files. If your computer is infected, your files will have .[].text added to them. It drops a FILES ENCRYPTED.txt ransom note as well as shows a pop-up one that demands users pay a ransom to get the decryptor.

OVO ransomware removal

OVO ransomware belongs to the notorious Dharma ransomware family, which is responsible for releasing hundreds of ransomware versions. This version adds .[].OVO to encrypted files, which is how you can identify which ransomware you are dealing with.

How to remove TomLe ransomware

TomLe ransomware is file-encrypting malware released by the Dharma malware family. It’s essentially identical to all other ransomware versions released by this family, and it adds the .TomLe extension to encrypted files.

Plam ransomware removal

Plam ransomware is file-encrypting malware from a notorious Djvu/STOP ransomware family. It adds the .plam extension to encrypted files, hence why it’s known as Plam ransomware. It’s one of a couple of hundred ransomware versions this malware family has released. …

Delete Cosd ransomware

Cosd ransomware comes from the Djvu/STOP malware family. It’s file-encrypting malware that adds .cosd to encrypted files, hence why it’s known as Cosd ransomware. Encrypted files will not be openable unless they are first decrypted but the cyber criminals behind this ransomware are the only ones with the decryptor.

How to remove Qlkm ransomware

Qlkm ransomware is one of the Djvu/STOP ransomware versions. It’s one of the more recent ransomware to come from this ransomware family. It can be identified by the .qlkm file extension added to encrypted files. You will not be able to open encrypted files until you use a decryptor on them.