Remove pop-up ads is a highly questionable website that tries to trick you into agreeing to see ads on your desktop. The site shows a notification that says “ wants to show notifications”, and if you agree, you will be seeing a lot more ads than you’re used to.

How to remove is a highly questionable website that tries to trick you into subscribing to more ads. When you get redirected to this site, a browser alert appears asking you to allow to send notifications. If you allow the notifications, you will be permitting the site to spam you with advertisements, even on your desktop.

Delete Santa APP hijacker

Santa APP is a browser hijacker that changes your browser’s settings in order to redirect you to sponsored websites. If you have this hijacker installed, you are likely constantly redirected to It should be mentioned that it’s not a particularly dangerous infection, though you should still remove Santa APP hijacker as soon as possible.

Remove Text ransomware

Text ransomware is a dangerous malware infection from the Dharma malware family that encrypts files. If your computer is infected, your files will have .[].text added to them. It drops a FILES ENCRYPTED.txt ransom note as well as shows a pop-up one that demands users pay a ransom to get the decryptor.

Remove PDFSearchly browser hijacker

PDFSearchly browser hijacker is a pretty harmless computer infection that mainly changes browser’s settings so that you are redirected to whenever you open your browser. This is done to promote a questionable search engine that would redirect to highly questionable websites.

OVO ransomware removal

OVO ransomware belongs to the notorious Dharma ransomware family, which is responsible for releasing hundreds of ransomware versions. This version adds .[].OVO to encrypted files, which is how you can identify which ransomware you are dealing with.

How to remove TomLe ransomware

TomLe ransomware is file-encrypting malware released by the Dharma malware family. It’s essentially identical to all other ransomware versions released by this family, and it adds the .TomLe extension to encrypted files.