Remove My Recipe Finder browser hijacker

My Recipe Finder is classified as a browser hijacker. It’s promoted as a useful extension for finding cooking recipes but it pushes a questionable search engine. Once installed, the hijacker makes unwanted changes to users’ browsing settings and tries to redirect to questionable websites.

What is the “Redundancies Across The Organization” malicious email

“Redundancies Across The Organization” email is part of a new malicious email campaign that distributes the Agent Tesla RAT (Remote Access Trojan). The email falsely informs the recipient that their employment has been terminated. The email contains a malicious attachment, which users are prompted to open by the sender. If users open it, their computers become infected with a dangerous…

Remove redirect is a site associated with a browser hijacker. If your browser suddenly redirects you to every time you open your browser, your computer is likely infected with a browser hijacker. It’s not a serious infection, but it is very annoying because it makes unwanted changes to browser settings.