How to remove MrAnon trojan

MrAnon is a dangerous trojan infection. It’s classified as a stealer trojan and infects computers with the intention of stealing all sensitive information from users’ devices. It targets browsers, cryptocurrency wallets, messaging apps, certain file types, etc. The malware is currently for sale.

How to remove DUCKTAIL trojan

DUCKTAIL trojan is a malicious infection used for targeted attacks against prominent Facebook Business pages. Malicious actors use this malware to hijack Facebook Business/Ads pages and steal sensitive data. It’s a serious infection that can cause a lot of damage.

What is the Torpig virus

Torpig Virus refers to a trojan that focuses on stealing personal and corporate data, including bank account information. Referred to as one of the most sophisticated trojans ever created, Torpig has been active since 2005.

Remove Trojan Spyware Alert scam

What is Trojan Spyware Alert scam
Trojan Spyware Alert scam is a tech-support scam that claims a Trojan is installed on your computer and you need to call the shown phone number to get technical support. The reason this and similar scams are called tech-support scams is because they display phone numbers that connect to professional scammers who pretend to be legitimate…

Remove Appmodule.exe Trojan

What is appmodule.exe
appmodule.exe seems to be associated with a cryptocurrency mining trojan. Cryptocurrency miners are trojan infections that use computers’ resources to mine for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Monero. These infections don’t do long-term damage to the computer but are very disruptive while installed. The trojan’s extensive usage of computer’s resources means that the computer will run much slower than…

Cerberus Banking Trojan

What is Cerberus?
Cerberus is a banking Trojan designed specifically for Androids and sold on various hacker forums. Like any other banking Trojan, it is used to steal personal and financial information. The threat first appeared in 2019. It gives cyber crooks remote access to the device and allows them to perform different malign actions including sensitive data collection. This data is…

How to remove e.tre456_worm_Windows

What is e.tre456_worm_Windows
e.tre456_worm_Windows is a fake Windows infection that scammers use to trick users into installing questionable software. The way the scam works is pretty simple. Users get redirected to a website that imitates the official Windows’s one and get a pop-up that claims their computers are infected with a trojan virus called e.tre456_worm_Windows. To further scare users, the scam…

What is Win32:Evo-gen

What is Win32:Evo-gen?
Win32:Evo-gen is a detection name used by anti-virus Avast to identify trojans and files with trojan features. Avast anti-virus looks for particular behaviour that resembles that of a trojan or some other kind of malware, and uses the Win32:Evo-gen detection name to identify it. Thus, if your Avast anti-virus is detecting something by that name, there is something…

Zeus Trojan

What is Zeus Trojan?
Zeus Trojan is a malicious trojan that can steal your personal information. The trojan has been around for years and is considered to be one the most successful malware out there. Its creators allegedly retired in 2010 but the source code was released to the public, which resulted in different variants popping up. While Zeus is not…

How to remove Svcvmx virus

What is Svcvmx virus?
Svcvmx falls into the category of ad-clicking Trojan horses, however, it is also often referred to as Svcvmx virus. It often arrives onto a computer system together with potentially unwanted programs and it has been linked to one in particular called s5Mark. The threat can stay hidden in the system for quite some time, which allows it to drop…