How to remove Online Security unwanted extension

Online Security unwanted extension is a potentially malicious extension that imitates a legitimate extension by the same name. The extension makes unwanted changes to the browser’s settings and has intrusive data-collection practices. It’s advertised on free download sites and can be installed via the software bundling method.

Remove redirect is a fake search engine, promoted by the Explore Spot browser hijacker. If you find that your browser redirects you to every time you open your browser, your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. It’s an infection that makes unwanted changes to a browser’s settings and forces users to use questionable search engines/websites.

What is the “Bittrex” email scam

“Bittrex” email scam is part of a malicious spam email campaign that claims Brttrex is closing down and users need to withdraw $5,750 worth of funds from their accounts. This campaign tries to phish users’ Bittrex login credentials to steal the funds in the account.

What is the “Boxes Of Money” email scam

“Boxes Of Money” is a classic email scam that promises a lot of money if the recipient agrees to help the sender. This email greatly resembles the “Nigerian Prince” scams that ask users for help to transfer money outside of Nigeria. Similarly, this scam email asks the recipient to help with moving large sums of money from Syria. In exchange,…

What is the “AliExpress Package” phishing email

“Shipment Pending – AliExpress Package” is classified as a phishing email because it tries to trick users into revealing their personal information. It’s a classic phishing scam that claims you have a package underway and need to schedule a delivery. The emails are disguised as AliExpress notifications but the online retail company has nothing to do with this phishing campaign.