2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam

2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam

What is 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey?

2020 Visitor Feedback Survey is an online scam that attempts to trick users into sharing their personal details. The deceptive page is asking you to fill out a short survey and claim a reward. Of course, there is no reward and the only purpose of the survey is to get you to visit an unreliable page and disclose your personal details or even waste your money on fake services. There is no question that you should not enter any private data on suspect sites that promise you unrealistic rewards. If you wish to eliminate 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam from your browsers, you will have to identify the app that keeps rerouting you to it.

How does 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam work?

2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam is presented as an anonymous survey that you can fill out and so leave your feedback about eBay. Make no mistake, however, eBay is in no way linked to the scam. After you complete the survey, you are asked to choose a reward and click on the “Claim Reward” button. If you do so, you will get rerouted to another website, where you will be urged to disclose your personal information including your full name, address, phone number, email address, and more. In addition to providing this information, you may also be asked to share your credit card details, subscribe to a service, or pay a shipping fee. Needless to say, you should not share your details or transfer any money to the scammers.

As we have mentioned above, the reason you see this and other scams is because you have an ad-supported application on your device. The adware is not malicious, however, it causes a number of inconveniences including exposing you to fake ads, rerouting you to unreliable pages, changing your browser settings, and more. It certainly lowers your online security, so there is no reason to hesitate with its removal. It is also the only way to get rid of 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam.

How to remove 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam?

In order to delete 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam related application, you have to identify it first. You can do that by checking your installed programs list for new suspicious entries or you can use the free scanner from our page to identify it for you. Once you figure out which app needs to be uninstalled, you can eliminate 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam manually or automatically. Manual 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam removal instructions are provided below the article. If, however, you choose to go with the automatic removal option, the anti-malware from our site will allow you to not only terminate 2020 Visitor Feedback Survey scam, but also remove other unwanted apps from your computer.

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