About Yts.mx Suspicious Website

About Yts.mx Suspicious Website

Yts.mx is a torrent website that not only distributes content illegally but can also expose users to malicious ads/content. It’s one of the thousands of websites that allow users to easily pirate copyrighted content. However, it’s also a site that allows questionable ads and malicious torrents. Ideally, you should not be using Yts.mx or similar sites because they are illegal. But if their illegality does not bother you, maybe the threat to your computer/data will discourage you from using them.



What is Yts.mx Suspicious Website

Yts.mx has many domains, when one gets taken down, another pops up right away. But they are all more or less the same. The sites contain torrents for popular movies and TV shows, allowing users to access paid content for free. But downloading torrents from sites like this is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal because it’s essentially stealing content.

It has been noticed that Yts.mx uses rogue advertising networks to generate revenue, which means you could be exposed to potentially dangerous ads while browsing the site. As soon as you enter the site, you will be exposed to many questionable ads, some may advertise programs, while others might promote fake giveaways. Sites that use rogue advertising networks are also known to expose users to tech-support scams that falsely claim the computer is infected with some kind of malware. These scams aim to trick users into calling fake technical support numbers to allow scammers to scam users out of hundreds of dollars. The site could also trigger redirects to sites that hide malicious content. If you continue to use sites like Yts.mx, you will likely end up exposed to malicious content eventually.

As seen in the image above, you will also encounter ads promoting VPNs. The site warns that pirating using torrents can be traced back to you by law enforcement, and recommends that you use a VPN to hide your IP address and location. While it’s not wrong about you being tracked, we don’t recommend downloading/installing anything from this site. In general, you should be very skeptical of questionable sites/ads recommending you to download something. As a rule, you should only download programs after doing extensive research, and get them from legitimate sources, such as official websites. Never download programs from ads or questionable sites as they are not considered to be safe sources.

It’s also possible that you could be redirected to fake giveaways that aim to phish your personal information. Such scams may claim that you have won some kind of prize for one reason or another but in order to redeem it, you’d need to provide your personal information. You would be asked to provide your full name, email address, home address, phone number, and other information. Some scams may also request a delivery fee. The information acquired by scammers is usually either sold to other cybercriminals or used by scammers themselves to perform more sophisticated scams. Either way, your personal information would end up in the hands of cybercriminals.

We should also mention that torrent sites are often quite badly regulated, which allows malicious actors to upload malware content disguised as torrents for movies and TV shows. Furthermore, these malicious torrents can stay up for a long time before being taken down. In particular, you can often find malware in torrents for long-awaited content. For example, when new Marvel movies are released, their torrents are usually full of malware. It’s usually possible to identify these malicious torrents but many users do not know what to look for. They end up downloading those torrents and accidentally infecting their computers with malware. If the malware is, for example, ransomware, your files would become encrypted and their recovery would not be guaranteed.

Yts.mx Suspicious Website removal

Because Yts.mx is full of copyrighted content, using it is not recommended. By downloading copyrighted content using torrents, you’re not only stealing content but also endangering your data/computer. We feel it’s necessary to caution you to scan your computer with a reliable anti-malware program if you have downloaded a torrent from this site, just in case.

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