BianLian Android Banking Trojan

BianLian Android Banking Trojan

What is BianLian Android Banking Trojan?

BianLian Android Banking Trojan is a banking trojan that can steal your banking information. BianLian Android Banking Trojan was initially a pretty minor malware but was recently turned into a banking trojan. It can now lock screens, send messages, inject push notifications, and is able to steal banking credentials. It tricks users into thinking they are using banking apps when in reality they are giving away their banking information to cyber criminals. The recently updated malware can also record the device screen, allowing it to steal usernames, passwords, etc.

BianLian Android Banking Trojan

It is distributed via apps that can even be available on the Google Play Store. Users who download apps without making sure they are safe, even if they are from the Play Store, risk getting their devices infected with BianLian Android Banking Trojan and other similar malware. The only way to be completely sure your Android device is infected with this trojan is to scan it with an anti-virus app. If it is indeed on your device, the security app should be able to remove BianLian Android Banking Trojan.

How does BianLian Android Banking Trojan install on a device?

The malware seems to come together with questionable apps. Such apps use various techniques to bypass security measures in app stores, and they often succeed. Thus, just because an app is an official app store (like Google Play), that does not mean it cannot be malware. We strongly suggest you refrain from downloading questionable apps, even if they come from legitimate sources. Always check who developed the app, its reviews, ratings, permission list, etc. Using a search engine to look into the app is also a good idea. It may sound like a lot of work when you only want to download something minor like a flashlight app, but unless you want to end up with malware, you should try to protect your device.

What does the malware do?

BianLian was initially a dropper trojan but was recently updated and turned into a banking trojan. If you’re not familiar with the term, it a kind of malicious software that aims to steal your banking information. Once the malware is inside the device, it will start requesting permission to use accessibility services. If the permission is granted, the malware will be able to read, send and receive messages, monitor your call log, perform overlay attacks on bank apps, lock and record the screen.

According to the researchers who discovered it, the malware seems to be under active development. And while it’s not the most original malware, it’s still quite dangerous and could cause serious financial loss.

BianLian Android Banking Trojan removal

In order to detect and delete BianLian Android Banking Trojan, you will need to install anti-virus software onto your device. Manually trying to uninstall BianLian Android Banking Trojan would be quite difficult. After BianLian Android Banking Trojan removal, it’s recommended to change all passwords and secure all accounts you have accessed while the trojan was installed.

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