Bitmotion Tab – how to remove?

Bitmotion Tab – how to remove?

What is Bitmotion Tab?

Bitmotion Tab, or, is a browser hijacker that usually arrives bundled with third-party software users download off the Internet. If you have discovered this new URL set as your homepage and search provider too, your computer must have been infected with a malicious application called a browser hijacker. Malware experts cannot confirm that Bitmotion Tab is a page that can be trusted although it reminds of an ordinary search provider. You should go to implement the Bitmotion Tab removal not only because it has changed your all browsers’ settings without permission and has entered your PC illegally.


One of its biggest drawbacks is shady sponsored links it provides users with. Additionally, this website might collect information about users, which is not a feature of a trustworthy search engine. A number of legitimate search tools is available on the market, so we are sure that you will not regret if you go to delete Bitmotion Tab from browsers.

What does Bitmotion Tab do?

Bitmotion Tab looks like a legitimate search provider, but it is not, specialists say because it shows sponsored links to users. They usually can be found on the same page ordinary search results are displayed. Yes, Bitmotion Tab works as a search tool, but it would be best to get rid of it because it is far from a legitimate search provider. First, legitimate search tools do not show links that can redirect to harmful pages full of malicious software. Second, they do not collect information about users and do not redirect them to pages whose only purpose is to get personal details that can be sold expensively later. Last but not least, reputable search providers never show up on users’ browsers illegally. In other words, we see no reasons you should keep Bitmotion Tab set on browsers, so we have asked specialists to provide more information about the Bitmotion Tab removal in the last paragraph of this article.

How did a browser hijacker enter my computer?

Browser hijackers cannot be downloaded from their official websites because they simply do not have such pages. Instead, they usually enter computers illegally. As for the Bitmotion Tab browser hijacker, it could have shown up on your system in a bundle with third-party applications. Bundling is one of the most deceptive methods used nowadays to distribute malicious applications, so you should be more careful so that similar threats could not show on your system illegally again. What you can do to protect your PC is to install security software – do this right after you uninstall Bitmotion Tab from your web browsers.

How do I remove Bitmotion Tab?

You are not allowed to keep Bitmotion Tab set on your browsers although you have found it quite useful. It is because this website might expose you to potential threats or cause issues associated with your online privacy. To delete Bitmotion Tab from browsers, you should reset those browsers opening this URL to you. If nothing changes, go to delete Bitmotion Tab automatically. Not all the scanners are capable of deleting untrustworthy URLs from users’ browsers, so download only a legitimate one to remove Bitmotion Tab.

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