How to remove Usarewardspot

How to remove Usarewardspot

What is Usarewardspot

Usarewardspot is a scam that tries to lure users into revealing their personal information by promising great prizes. This is a very typical scam and most users will have encountered some version of it at some point. This particular scam redirects users to, where users are greeted with a notification that they have been selected to participate in a giveaway or some kind of contest. Users are asked to answer a couple of questions about their usage of Amazon, Facebook, Google or some other service and are informed that they have won at the end. The prizes are usually latest tech gadgets, like smartphones and computers, as well as giftcards worth hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. While the prizes may seem tempting, Usarewardspot is a scam that is aiming to get users’ personal information. This gathered information will be very helpful for malicious actors in the future when they can perform more scam.

Users are usually shown these scam giveaway ads and redirected to sites like because they have adware installed on their computers. Adware is relatively harmless but the ads it shows are quite questionable and even potentially dangerous. If adware is responsible, it will need to be gotten rid of to remove Usarewardspot scams from appearing permanently.

Why are you seeing Usarewardspot scams

The reason you are seeing the scam ads is either because your computer is infected with adware, or you were redirected by a shady website you were visiting. If it’s the latter, you should get redirected once or twice and as long as you avoid those kinds of sites, you’ll be fine. Or at least have adblocker installed to stop these ads from appearing.

Adware could also be causing the ads and redirects. If that is the case, you’re likely seeing a lot of these ads. You probably picked it up when installing freeware. It was attached to the program as an extra offer and you did not notice. These offers are purposely hidden so users would be unable to prevent their installation. When you’re installing freeware in the future, pay attention to the process and make sure you select Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and you will be able to deselect them. You should always deselect the offers because they are mostly questionable programs that you have no use for.

Are Usarewardspot giveaways legitimate?

The short answer to that is no. Usarewardspot or any other giveaway that shows ads promising prizes is never legitimate. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., do not display ads to users with promises of prizes. If they were hosting a giveaway, they would use official channels to inform users, not some random ads.

The giveaways at usually promise giftcards, latest gadgets like iPhones, Samsung smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. If users fall for this scheme, they are asked to answer a few random questions about their use of social media or others services. No matter their answers, users will be informed that they have won. But in order to supposedly receive their prizes, users will need to answer personal questions. The scams will request that users reveal their full names, home addresses, email, phone number and other information. Some scams will even request users to pay some sum of money in order to receive the prize. The sum usually is quite small and varies between $5 to $20. The gathered information is later either sold on hacker forums or used to scam users out of their money.

The Usarewardspot site will have winners’ testimonies displayed in order to convince doubting users that the whole thing is legitimate. The comments praise how appreciative they are of the prizes they were given and how easy it was to get them. They are very obviously fake and were written by scammers.

Usarewardspot removal

If you are constantly redirected to this particular scam, you could be dealing with adware. If that is the case, you’ll need to get rid of it to remove Usarewardspot scams permanently. It’s recommended to use anti-spyware software because that would be easiest. The program would delete Usarewardspot adware and all its components, preventing it from recovering.

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