Instagram Ray-Ban SCAM – How to deal with it?

Instagram Ray-Ban SCAM – How to deal with it?

If you scroll Instagram regularly or have your own Instagram account, it is very likely that you have also noticed one of those posts with advertisements of footwear, medications, sunglasses, and many other items of well-known brands, including UGG, Adidas, and Ray-Ban. We can assure you that you are not alone – you would find thousands of users’ complaints regarding these ads on the web. Many users have already understood that they are nothing but a pure scam, and we agree with them. Cyber security researchers have noticed that these types of ads are quite prevalent these days. Unfortunately, while a bunch of users are already aware of the fact that they are completely fake, there is still many of them who fall for them. Do not be one of them – if it seems to be too good to be true, there is a huge possibility that the advertisement you see is a scam. Believe us, the advertising campaign you see may still be a scam even if your friends share it, so always use your common sense and make sure you inspect every link you are about to click despite the fact that it looks completely harmless at first glance.

Instagram Ray-Ban SCAM


Instagram Ray-Ban scam targets credulous users

Instagram Ray-Ban scam is one of the latest Instagram scams that ordinary people contribute to by spreading it. Luckily, it is not that hard to recognize it, so there is a chance that you will manage to avoid it. Usually, the scam features the Ray-Ban logo and photos of sunglasses together with tempting offers “90% Off” and “one day only” to make sure gullible users take the offer without much thinking about it. You will also find the URL of the website that sells glasses at a discounted price there. While the website is presented as the official Ray-Ban website, we can assure you that it is not. If you purchase a pair of glasses from it, you will get completely nothing, and nobody will give you your money back either. Paying for nothing does not sound like a good idea, does it? We think so too. No doubt you will manage to recognize the Ray-Ban scam on Instagram quite easily after reading this article; however, you should also be aware of the fact that similar scams do exist too. Specialists say that this is only one of many examples of fake ads that circulate on social media.

Why does Instagram Ray-Ban scam affect so many users?

Why so many users still fall for the Ray-Ban scam even though it is nothing new? To answer it shortly – it is because this scam is promoted by ordinary Instagram users. Your family and friends may spread it too since it takes advantage of compromised accounts. Let us provide you more details. First of all, a hacker needs to crack the password to be able to use the account to spread the scam. Unfortunately, many people still use weak passwords expecting that they will be of no interest to password hackers. In fact, 123456789 is still at the top of the most popular passwords’ list these days, can you believe it? We hope that you, unlike your friend spreading the Ray-Ban scam without his/her knowledge, have set more secure passwords for your social media accounts. If your password is weak, please change it immediately because Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are at the top of the hacked accounts’ list, and this is not going to change soon. Keep it in mind that becoming the distributor of the Ray-Ban or some other scam is only one of many problems you may encounter. If your social media account gets compromised, hackers could steal your personal information, including your name, surname, contacts, and even private messages in the blink of an eye as well.

Security measures to take to improve your cyber security

While ordinary users cannot do anything to prevent data breaches that shake companies from time to time, they can still protect their accounts. Please take our advice seriously so that you would not become the victim of the scam and your private information would stay intact at all times. First of all, we highly recommend that you have a reputable security product on the computer you use to log into your social media accounts. Second, always download apps from their official websites, for example, Google Play or the App Store. Third, never click on suspicious links. Fourth, never use credentials of your social media accounts on third-party websites or apps. Finally, make sure you use a complex password. If the password cannot be cracked, it means that hackers could not access the account and use it for malicious purposes. Just to remind you, a secure password consists of a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters.


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