Remove Amulec Virus

Remove Amulec Virus

What is amulec virus?

Amulec virus is presented as a useful software which is supposed to help users customize their backgrounds in social media pages, in reality it is another potentially unwanted application (PUA). The software is compatible with Internet Explore, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Published by Omega Partners Ltd, the program can be downloaded from its website, but it also travels in freeware bundles which indicates that it is not entirely trustful. If you have this PUA in your system, we recommend to read the following article to learn how to delete amulec virus from your computer.


What does amulec virus do?

As we said, even though the PUA is available in its offcial site, in many cases users do not remember downloading it which means that amulec virus is distributed in freeware bundles. To keep your computer safe, you should change your sources or at least monitor the installations more closely. To do that, you will need to select either Advanced or Custom installation options and read the End User License Agreement where you should look for the additional programs. Once you notice the unwanted software, terminate it.

One of the main reasons to get rid of amulec virus is its tendency to travel with other software. Even if you acquire the application from the offcial source, it will install two additional programs. One such intruder is called Crawler Toolbar while the other is named 24×7 Help. This means that after amulec virus removal, you will need to deal with these two applications as well. Furthermore, the software also ads extensions to your browsers which are supposed to assist you in changing your backgrounds in social media networks like Facebook and twitter.

Finally, you will also notice tons of advertisements which will follow you to every window that you open. Though users mostly complain that the ads are irritating and distracting, you need to understand that they may be dangerous too. Unfortunately, the third parties which own these ads are completely unknown and thus, untrustworthy. Needless to say, if you click and ad and get routed to a website controlled by cyber crooks, you will probably get infected with malware. Moreover, you also need to know that the constant advertising is responsible for the slower performance of your PC. Clearly it is in the best interests of your system to erase amulec virus.

How to remove amulec virus?

If you decided to delete amulec virus, you should employ a reputable computer security software. We do not recommend manual amulec virus removal, because it is unlikely that this PUA is the only undesirable intruder in your computer at the moment. The better choice would be to purchase an authentic anti-spyware, let it take care of amulec virus removal, and then scan your entire system for other suspicious programs. After this security tool eliminates amulec virus, it will stay to protect your PC from other intruders too.

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