What is is a very suspicious-looking website that contains tons of advertisements. If you have noticed being redirected to this site constantly, this means that you have an infection on your computer and need to remove from the PC as soon as possible. The webpage is not helpful to the user at all, even though the creators try to make it look interesting to gaming fans. The content of the page is presented in Russian, so we can presume that the infection is targeted towards Russian-speakers. However, even English-speakers can accidentally install it onto their PCs (you can get this infection via freeware bundles).


You can see that there are a lot of articles about computer games like Assassin’s Creed. Also, there is some mature content, so you should delete especially if you have children. The redirects to this page can happen at any time and this can truly damage your personal computer. Also, this infection is responsible for various ads on other pages that you go to, so it is classified as adware.

Why is dangerous?

The site is considered to be dangerous mainly because of its advertisements. There are a lot of them, including pop-ups, fake online quizzes and notifications about winning a lottery, and corrupted dating links. If you do not erase soon enough, the infected computer can become much slower than usual. If you do not want your device to crash randomly (especially if you use the PC for work), terminate with a good security tool. What is more, you may start seeing annoying ads on all the pages you visit. The advertisements can ruin your computer by tainting it with malware, viruses, and Trojan horses. This is rather alarming because it might be difficult to eradicate all the viruses after the fact. Moreover, some advertisements might even seem interesting to you, thus making you click on them. You see, the adware tracks your online behavior. Because of this, it can see your interests and adjust the ads according to the information. The only way to feel safe again is removal.

How did my computer get infected with

The adware has probably got onto your personal computer because of shareware and freeware downloads. You might have downloaded some unsafe software from an unreliable file sharing website and the adware infected your browser. Being compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, it can do some damage to all users. For this reason, you have to be a lot more careful with your downloads (picking the Advanced or Custom installation settings should be enough).

How to remove from my PC?

It is not difficult to uninstall from the PC, especially if you do this soon enough. Just scan the computer with a legitimate anti-malware and anti-spyware application WiperSoft , which should find the adware and other potentially unwanted programs and delete them.

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