Remove Flvto Youtube Downloader

Remove Flvto Youtube Downloader

Flvto Youtube Downloader is a potentially unwanted program

Flvto Youtube Downloader is an application for downloading and converting YouTube videos, but is classified as an adware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its behavior. The application can be downloaded from various download sites, the Google store, etc. Despite the fact that it may be distributed via legitimate ways, it can also be downloaded without users noticing. PUPs often use software bundling to install because it allows them to install unnoticed and without requiring their explicit permission. So if you find Flvto Youtube Downloader installed on your computer but have no recollection of installing it yourself, it probably used software bundling. Flvto Youtube Downloader

It’s not a malware infection, and the applications is not exactly dangerous. However, once it’s installed, it will start displaying advertisements on your screen, and may redirect you to certain websites. You may think that ads are just annoying, but they can also be dangerous. They could expose you to malicious content and scams, which could lead to serious trouble. Thus, we do not recommend keeping adware or PUP programs installed, so it may be best to remove Flvto Youtube Downloader.

PUPs can install via freeware bundles

While it is possible you installed it knowingly yourself, it’s also not impossible that it installed without your explicit permission. If you have recently installed a free programs, Flvto Youtube Downloader could have been attached to it as an extra offer. Since the offers are hidden during installation, you would not have noticed it. These extra offers are authorized to install alongside the free programs without requiring explicit permission, and are preselected to install by default.

In the future, when installing free programs, make sure you choose Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. It’s recommended to always uncheck the offers because nothing good will come of them.

If you did install Flvto Youtube Downloader yourself, you should do more extensive research about programs you’re about to install. A search with Google would have given you plenty of results recommending Flvto Youtube Downloader removal.

Is Flvto Youtube Downloader harmful

The program is not malicious but that does not mean it can do no harm. Flvto Youtube Downloader is intended to help users download YouTube videos and convert them to other formats, but it also brings an increase in ads. The PUP will attach itself to your browser, whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and will start displaying all kinds of ads, from regular ones to pop-ups and even redirects.

The biggest issue with these ads is that they are not checked, meaning they could expose you to malicious content and scams. You could be shown ads falsely claiming your computer is infected with a virus and that you need to call the provided number or download the offered program to remove the infection. Or you could be scammed into giving away your personal information, or phished into revealing your login credentials. No to mention how annoying dealing with ads is.

Adware also has a tendency to track users, collecting information about them, what sites they visit, what they search for, what ads they click on , and their IP addresses. The information is then used to deliver more personalized ads.

Flvto Youtube Downloader removal

It is strongly recommended that you uninstall Flvto Youtube Downloader from your computer as keeping adware installed is not a good idea. Using anti-spyware software would be easiest because the program would do everything. After you delete Flvto Youtube Downloader, the amount of ads should go back to normal.

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