About is advertised as a search engine but is considered to be a browser hijacker. is seen as browser hijacker because it can get on your computer without you knowing it. By visiting rogue domains and installing free software carelessly, you might end up with or a similar browser hijacker. What it does is, it changes the settings of your browser so that your home page, search engine and new tabs become You can not change the settings back to what they were before without having to uninstall browser hijacker. It does not have any beneficial functions, therefore we recommend you do not keep it and delete

How did I end up with redirect virus

The answer lies in how you use your computer. The Internet is full of websites that have numerous malicious viruses just waiting for you. If you have the tendency to visit such sites, there is no surprise you picked up along the way. Never go to websites that seem suspicious and you will not have that problem. can spread through free software as well. When users download a program and install it, they usually make the mistake of doing it in Default settings. By doing so, many users miss additional items being installed along with the free software. If you want to avoid having to delete and similar, always check Advanced (Custom) settings. That way you will be able to see what is being installed and prevent it, if necessary.


What does redirect virus do

If browser hijacker gets on your computer, it changes the settings of your browser, sets your home page, new tabs and search engine to its domain. It does that without your permission and you can not change the settings back without having to remove That is a typical characteristic of a browser hijacker. If you do not terminate and use it, you are putting your computer in danger. browser hijacker exposes you to ads that can lead you to malicious websites. As mentioned before, those websites could be full of viruses, and a browser hijacker could be the least of your problems. removal

Once you notice it has taken control of your browser, uninstall as soon as possible. removal is possible both manually and automatically but we recommend you use anti-malware software to remove from your computer. Instructions on how to erase will be provided below.


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