Remove Funny Collection

Remove Funny Collection

What is Funny Collection?

Funny Collection is a browser hijacker which hijacks all browsers when it enters computers. The hijacking is changing users’ browsers settings without permission. In other words, a new homepage and default search engine is set on all browsers. Specialists say that the Funny Collection browser hijacker might be associated with and, which again proves that Funny Collection cannot be trusted. If users do not go to remove Funny Collection the moment they see it set on their browsers, they might quickly experience a number of different problems. Browser hijackers are not like other malicious applications. Funny Collection cannot be called a harmful threat too because its main goal is to generate income to the author, but, of course, some problems might still emerge, so keeping this browser hijacker installed is not recommended.

Funny Collection

What does Funny Collection do?

If your computer is infected with the Funny Collection browser hijacker, you are redirected to a website having the Funny Collection label when you open any of your browsers. This website does not look harmful at all at first glance because it provides various funny stories; however, the truth is that it might expose users to potential threats. Nothing will happen if users do not click on ads they see; however, they often do that because these ads look very interesting. It is not at all surprising that users find them quite appealing because these ads are usually based on the information about users recorded by a malicious application. It might be dangerous to visit unknown third-party websites no matter that they look completely harmless because the appearance of a website rarely says the truth about it. It often happens that a good-looking website distributes malicious software. Therefore, you should go to uninstall Funny Collection from browsers to make sure that ads that can redirect to third-party websites are no longer visible.

Where does Funny Collection come from?

Free software is the one that should be blamed for installing a browser hijacker on your computer. In most cases, various popular programs like PDF converters and video streamers come with additional software, so be careful with those programs, especially if you download them from torrent and file-sharing websites. Security specialists also highly recommend installing a security application for protecting the computer from harm too because not all the threats can be avoided easily. Do this immediately after you delete Funny Collection.

How can I remove Funny Collection?

To delete Funny Collection from all web browsers, you need to erase the browser hijacker from your computer fully. There are two ways to implement the Funny Collection removal. The undesirable website can be replaced with another URL easily in the browser’s settings menu; however, it is not the only way to get rid of it. Users can implement the Funny Collection removal by scanning their computers with an automatic malware remover too. Not all the existing scanners are trustworthy, meaning that not all of them can help to get rid of Funny Collection too, so choose wisely.

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