Remove Pro PC Cleaner

Remove Pro PC Cleaner

What is Pro PC Cleaner

Pro PC Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a registry cleaner and system optimization tool. The program supposedly helps improve your computer’s performance by deleting unnecessary files. However, it doesn’t really do anything, and before users can fully use it, they are asked to purchase the full version. This is how PUPs of this kind earn money. They install without permission, convince users that something is wrong with their computers and then ask them to buy the full version. However, instead of purchasing them, you need to delete them.

Pro PC Cleaner

It’s not a dangerous program in the sense that it will not harm your computer. It will merely show you annoying notifications about supposed issues on your computer until you buy the full program. We should mention, however, that if you were to purchase it, it could delete the wrong files and harm your computer this way. You should also be careful about handing your payment information to questionable developers.

Do not pay attention to what the program is warning you about and focus on removing it. If you have already made a purchase, contact your bank to cancel the transaction and make sure you cancel any Pro PC Cleaner subscription plans.

How did the program install?

The program is usually installed via freeware bundles. Software bundling is essentially adding extra items to programs. Software bundling is especially used to distribute potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) because it allows them install unnoticed. Browser hijackers, adware and other potentially unwanted programs are often attached to freeware as extra offers, and when users install the freeware, they end up installing the offers as well. It’s not difficult to prevent the offers from installing if you know how. The most important thing is to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when installing freeware. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect them. Deselect the boxes of any extra offers, and only then continue the installation.

You could have also installed the program yourself, although it’s not likely. There are many different programs of this kind, so the chances of you stumbling upon this one in particular is highly unlikely. If by any chance you actually did install it knowingly, pay closer attention to what you install in the future. Always research programs before installing them. Had you done a Google search of this program, you would have seen plenty of results classifying the program as potentially unwanted.

Should you uninstall Pro PC Cleaner?

Pro PC Cleaner is advertised as registry cleaner, which will clear your computer of junk and help it work better. However, as is the case with most registry cleaners, Pro PC Cleaner doesn’t actually do much. Not to mention the fact that it falsely tries to convince you that your computer has serious issues. As soon as it’s installed, it will scan your computer and start displaying annoying notifications claiming you urgently need to clean your device. A scan will be performed every day at a specific time. The results will be displayed in a pesky notification, which tries to sell you the full version. You will not be able to use the fix feature of the program unless you purchase the full version.

Buying these kinds of programs would be a waste of money. They don’t actually do much in terms of helping your computer speed up, nor are they worth the price. If you were to look closer at the scan results, you would see that none of the issues detected are serious. It detects registry, temporary files, caches and junk files as issues that affect your computer, but in reality they have no affect. Deleting them will not help you speed up your computer long term, and messing with the registry could have serious consequences. Microsoft has warned users against using registry cleaners as important ones could be deleted. Pro PC Cleaner deleting the wrong registry entries could lead to you having to reinstall your Windows.

Most computer experts will say that registry cleaners and similar programs are completely unnecessary as computers can maintain themselves without the interference of such tools. If you do think that your computer needs such a program, there are plenty of free but reliable ones. But you need to delete Pro PC Cleaner.

Pro PC Cleaner removal

If you have decided to remove Pro PC Cleaner, you can do it in two ways. If you know how to uninstall programs, you can do it yourself. It shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you have little experience with computers, it may be best if you use anti-spyware software.

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