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Remove Redirect

About is a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It has been around for a while and it still pretends to be a reliable search engine. might get on your computer without you knowing and you will notice that it has started making changes to your browser’s settings. You don’t have to agree to those changes but does not ask for your permission. And you will not be able to restore the settings without removal. The search engine generates weird search results and exposes you to loads of ads. It does that to redirect you to certain websites to increase traffic for them. There are many much more reliable options, therefore, we recommend you delete

Start-me spread ways mostly spreads via freeware. It’s a very common method that many browser hijacker, adware and PUP developers use. What they do is they attach their developed items to freeware so that when you install the freeware, you install those items as well. This can only happen if you rush through the installation process in Default settings. If you choose to use Advanced (Custom) settings, you can see what is being installed along with the freeware and if necessary, you can prevent it. While browser hijackers are not very dangerous. you don’t want them on your computer. Therefore, be careful and pay attention to the installation process. Also, do not forget that you need to uninstall

Why should I not keep

For one, it got on your computer without you noticing it. There are other reasons, however. The fact that it can freely change your browser’s settings is rather unsettling. It will set your homepage, new tabs and search engine to its domain. That means that every time you open your browser (be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), you will be redirected to You also won’t be able to change the settings back. If you use the search engine, you will be given peculiar results and you will be exposed to loads of ads. If you click on the ads or search results generated by, you might be led to dangerous websites and might end up with serious malware on your computer. Browser hijackers want to redirect you to certain websites to increase traffic for their sponsors. That is why they exist. It’s not going to make your browsing experience more pleasant so we suggest you remove removal

If you’re wondering how you to remove, you’re in the right place. You can uninstall manually or you can use anti-malware software to help you. Instructions on how to delete will be provided below.

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