Remove Universal PC Care

Remove Universal PC Care

About Universal PC Care

Universal PC Care is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as system optimization tool. It’s one of those programs that tries to convince you that your computer is infected with viruses and has loads of issues, and then requests that you buy the full program in order to fix them. It’s essentially a bogus system optimizer. There are plenty of programs like that, which is why you need to be careful when choosing to install system optimizers. It’s actually possible that you did not install the program knowingly. It could have been attached to free software as an extra offer, and you did not notice. This is called software bundling, and it’s a popular method to use to trick users into installing useless programs. We will explain this in more detail in the following section of the report.

Universal PC Care

Do not be surprised if the program detects loads of issues since its purpose it to scare you into buying the full version. However, while it may be detecting loads of issues, if you were to check them more carefully they might not exist. Or made to appear serious when in fact they’re pretty minor. We do not suggest keeping the program installed. It would be best to delete Universal PC Care.

How did the program install?

There are two ways the program could have ended up on your computer. You either installed it yourself knowingly, or it was attached to some freeware you installed and you did not notice. If you do recall installing it, we suggest doing more research prior to program installation in the future. A simple search with Google would have told you everything you need to know about Universal PC Care.

If software bundling was how it entered your computer, you need to pay closer attention to how you install free programs. Most of them come together with additional offers, which need to be manually deselected. If they are not, they are permitted to install alongside the freeware. However, those offers are easy to deselect. All you need to do is choose Advanced (Custom) settings when installing programs. Those settings will make all extra offers visible and you will be able to deselect all of them. Simply uncheck the boxes, and you can continue installing the program.

Should you uninstall Universal PC Care?

We cannot force you to remove the program. However, we can give you the necessary information to make an informed decision. The program is advertised as a system optimization tool that can remove threats, clean up your system and improve your computer’s performance in general. This all sounds good but the reality is a bit different.

When the PUP performs a scan, it will display you quite worrying results. It may detect tens of issues, both related to malware and system performance. However, if you took a closer look at the results, you’d realize that most of those issues either don’t exist or are exaggerated. That is not unusual for such programs seeing as they aim to scare you into purchasing the full version, which is needed to fix all detected issues. Obviously we do not recommend buying the full program since the issues might not be legitimate.

Whether your computer even needs a system optimizer is a debatable topic. A lot of users believe that most computers will not benefit from such programs, but whether you need one is your choice. However, there are plenty of better options for you to choose from out there.

Universal PC Care removal

You can remove Universal PC Care both manually and using anti-spyware software. If you do not have much experience with uninstalling programs, it may be easier to just use anti-spyware software since the program would do everything for you. However, if you want to do it yourself manually, you can use the below provided instructions to help you.

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