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What is is a browser hijacker which has illegally entered your computer and applied changes to browsers – this explains why you see a new website when you launch your web browser. This website might look decent, but it is definitely not recommend using it as the one and only tool for searching the web because it is untrustworthy. Its main disadvantage is sponsored search results it shows to users. Additionally, it might track users with the intention of getting personally-identifiable information about them. Generally speaking, only performs bad activities, so it is not worth expecting from it anything good. The only thing specialists recommend is the removal. Although it will not be very easy to remove, it will become clear what your next moves should be after reading this article, so do not skip a single sentence!


How does act? is a browser hijacker, so it always appears on users’ browsers after successfully entering computers. It wants users to use it as a default search engine, but, as has already been mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, it is a very bad idea to do that because it has been found that it might present users with the sponsored search results. These search results are the biggest problem of this search tool because they might redirect to untrustworthy pages. In addition, it might track users itself and collect personal information about them. This information is valuable these days because it can be sold expensively. Cyber criminals are the ones commonly buying personal details and then using them for various fraudulent purposes. We do not think that you want your personal details to be sold to bad people, so we highly recommend going to implement the removal today. This is a necessary step to take if you want to set a new website on browsers too.

Why has been set on my browsers?

You see on your web browsers because a browser hijacker has sneaked onto your computer. Of course, it has done that illegally, so it does not surprise us at all if you cannot remember changing browsers’ settings voluntarily. These infections might use a variety of methods to enter users’ computers, but they usually employ the method called bundling. That is, they travel next to freeware and shareware. Of course, the entrance of this dubious search tool is not the most important thing now – we should focus more on the removal.

How can I uninstall from my browsers?

You need to remove as soon as possible even if you do not find it annoying at all because it might be dangerous to use it. You can delete from all your browsers either manually or automatically. It does not matter which of these methods you use – the most important thing is to delete fully, of course; however, we suggest erasing this threat automatically, i.e. scanning your computer with a legitimate scanner if you have never deleted any software before.

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