Should you remove Driver Tonic

Should you remove Driver Tonic

Driver Tonic is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a system optimization tool that will update system drivers. It’s one of those fake system optimizers that install without explicit permission and try to trick users into purchasing full versions. While Driver Tonic may promise to enhance a computer’s performance, it’s not actually useful in any way.

The internet is full of highly questionable system optimizers that claim to offer all kinds of amazing optimization features but don’t actually do anything expect show fake scan results to pressure users into paying for full program versions. Driver Tonic is much like that. It’s advertised as a program that will supposedly update your system drivers, which will allow you to “experience an enhanced PC”. In reality, it’s not a useful program, and you should definitely avoid using it to update your drivers.

In general, there’s rarely any necessity for you to update your driver for regular computer use. But if you were to do it, using questionable utilities is not the way. In general, specialists advise against using any kind of driver update utility. Instead, download the drivers directly from the manufacturers or let a Windows update do it for you. There’s really no need to use a special program for this, especially if it’s a paid one. Or one that installs without permission.

Driver Tonic and many similar “system optimization” programs use software bundling to install on computers, essentially without needing permission from users. Software bundling will be explained in more detail in the following section but the gist of it is that free programs may come with additional tools/programs attached to them, and said programs would be permitted to install alongside the freeware automatically. These additional offers can be deselected but most users don’t even notice them, thus it’s very important to always pay attention when installing programs.

Since the program is essentially useless to you, there is no need to keep it installed. Remove Driver Tonic as soon as possible, and if you have purchased a subscription plan, cancel it and get your money back.

The issue with software bundling

Driver Tonic does have an official website where you can get it from, though it’s also available on third-party download sites. If you did download it yourself, it’s strongly recommended to do extensive research about programs before downloading them in the future. Even a simple search with Google can provide many useful results that show whether a program is safe to install or if it’s completely useless.

It’s also very much possible that Driver Tonic used software bundling to install on your computer. This method is often used by unwanted program developers because it allows their programs to install without users needing to permit them. Essentially, users install them without knowing, which is why software bundling is so frowned upon. Generally, programs that use it will be classified as potentially unwanted by anti-virus vendors.

Programs like adware, browser hijackers and PUPs may come attached to freeware, particularly the free programs you download from free third-party download sites. When you install the free program, the extra offer that is attached to it will install alongside automatically, unless you manually prevent it. But while the offers are optional, they are initially hidden during installation, which prevents many users from deselecting them.

The correct way to install free software involves opting for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, while Default will hide them. If Advanced settings show that something has been added to the program you are installing, simply uncheck the boxes. Unchecking a couple of boxes is much easier to do than it is to uninstall programs like Driver Tonic.

Can Driver Tonic harm the computer?

It should be mentioned that Driver Tonic is not malware and will not harm the computer, hence why it’s classified as only a PUP. It’s not dangerous to have it installed as it barely does anything. However, it’s also not something you should keep.

It’s advertised as a driver updater, a system optimizer that will enhance your computer’s performance by installing driver updates. It’s not a free program and requires users to first buy its subscription before it can be used. The official website offers Driver Tonic for $39.95/6 months, which is a lot of money for a program that, even if it worked, only installed driver updates. Considering that Windows updates drivers in Windows updates or that you can download the drivers directly from manufactures, paying $40 for that is a waste.

What’s worse is that programs like Driver Tonic often show fake scan results in order to pressure users into buying their full versions. If you were to scan your computer with Driver Tonic, it would show either completely made up issues or exaggerated ones. And when you try to fix them using the program, you would be asked to first buy a subscription. This is another reason why certain programs are classified as PUPs.

When it comes to system optimization tools, you should be very skeptical. Many users discourage others from using them altogether as they are unnecessary but in the end, that is your choice. But when it comes to driver updating utilities, they are absolutely unnecessary, especially the paid ones. As we said already, if you really wanted to install a driver update, you should do it via the manufacturer’s website. Or alternatively, drivers are updated when necessary via Windows updates so there is no need to do anything extra.

How to delete Driver Tonic

Since the program does not work without buying it and buying is not recommended, you should remove Driver Tonic as it will only unnecessarily clutter your computer. You can use anti-virus software, or you can uninstall Driver Tonic manually. Manual Driver Tonic removal may be more troublesome, as you have to do everything yourself.

If you have ESET (A Variant Of MSIL/GT32SupportGeeks.AC Poten), Microsoft (PUA:Win32/Presenoker), or Malwarebytes (PUP.Optional.DriverTonic) installed on your computer, it should immediately detect Driver Tonic as a potential threat.

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