Tencent Removal

Tencent Removal

What is Tencent?

Tencent is an ad-supported program that might sneak onto your computer without permission. If it manages to enter Tencent your computer, you will start seeing commercial advertisements on your screen. These ads might be very annoying. In addition, it is known that they might cause redirections to unreliable third-party web pages and thus expose you to malware. If you do not want this to happen, you have to remove Tencent from the system. It might seem that it is a really difficult task to delete Tencent at first sight; however, you should know that it is not that difficult. In fact, we believe that you will be able to get rid of this adware yourself after you read through this article.


How does Tencent work?

As you already know, Tencent is an ad-supported program, so we are sure that it will show advertisements on your screen. You can recognize these ads rather easily because they will have the following labels: “Ads by Tencent”, “Brought by Tencent”, or “Powered by Tencent”. You should not click on any of those ads if you want to protect your system from harm because ads shown by this program might redirect you to third-party web pages with an infectious content. It is advisable to uninstall Tencent from the system also because this threat might track you day after day. It will also record all kinds of information in order to display appealing advertisements for users. As it has been observed, Tencent, like other adware programs, is interested in IP address, browsing history, and various activities users perform on the web. They might also check the keywords they enter into search boxes of their default search providers. Unfortunately, Tencent might also sell the gathered data, which means that it is unclear where it will be used in the future.

How did Tencent enter my system?

Ad-supported applications rarely have their official websites; however, they are still prevalent on the web these days. Therefore, we believe that they are spread in software bundles. Tencent itself is not an exception. Malware experts say that Tencent attaches to freeware and shareware and travels together with these programs in “packages”. If a user downloads and installs such a package, Tencent enters the system without permission. You can protect yourself from undesirable software by installing a security tool on the system. It is highly recommended to stay away from untrustworthy web pages as well because they often promote malicious software.

How to delete Tencent from the system?

An adware program should disappear from the system after you erase it via Control Panel and then remove its extensions from all the browsers one by one. Of course, you might find it hard to remove Tencent from the system if you have never tried erasing a program yourself. In such a case, you should implement the automatic Tencent removal. All you need to do is to acquire a security tool and then scan the system. It will implement the Tencent removal in a short while.


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