What is Trustedinstaller.exe

What is Trustedinstaller.exe

What is trustedinstaller.exe

trustedinstaller.exe is a legitimate process that belongs to Windows Modules Installer. It’s completely legitimate, and has the function of enabling installation, removal and modification of Windows Updates and optional components. It’s fairly inconspicuous and shouldn’t attract your attention. However, you may have noticed it running in your Task Manager. In some cases, particularly when you download and install Windows updates, the process may be consuming a lot of your computer resources, which could have a temporary noticeable effect on your computer.

When a process uses a lot of computer resources, it usually results in a slowed down device, programs crashing or taking a longer time to load. But when updating, this shouldn’t last for more than a couple of minutes. Once it has run its course, your computer should go back to normal.

It’s no secret that many users are annoyed at Windows updates, and when one is being installed and the computer is running slower than usual, disabling the process may be tempting. However, that is not a good idea, and we recommend against doing it. If you disable the process in the middle of an update, the update may not install fully and cause issues later on.

Do you need to delete trustedinstaller.exe

While this is rarely the case, we feel it’s necessary to mention that malware can sometimes be disguised as legitimate processes and files in order to avoid detection. If users were to Google a process they find suspicious, they would come across results declaring it as a legitimate Windows component and completely safe. This could allow the malware to remain present on the computer for a long time. This is why having anti-malware software installed on the computer is so important. As soon as malware entered the computer, your anti-malware would detect it before it could do any damage.

The legitimate file is located at C:\Windows\servicing, so if you find it somewhere else, you could be dealing with a malware infection. Do not attempt to remove trustedinstaller.exe yourself, delete it only if anti-malware software detects it as a threat.

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