Weather Hub Removal

Weather Hub Removal

What is Weather Hub?

Weather Hub is a potentially unwanted program promoted as useful software for checking the weather forecast, but, unfortunately, it is not useful at all. It only changes web browsers’ settings upon installation, which many users find extremely annoying. If you cannot find any useful features of Weather Hub too, we suggest that you delete Weather Hub from your computer today. If you let it stay, it will only use your computer’s resources, and it will not allow you to set a new page as a homepage and search engine.

Weather Hub

We will not lie – the Weather Hub removal is not easy, but it is surely a necessary step to take in order to have a speedy malware-free computer. No, Weather Hub will not start downloading malicious software on your PC, but it might provide links redirecting to pages with malware. Specialists say that it is one of the reasons why users should not allow Weather Hub to stay installed on their computers. You will find about other drawbacks it has in the paragraphs that follow.

What does Weather Hub do?

Weather Hub is not as useful as it claims to be. The only activity it performs on a user’s computer is changing the homepage and search engine. It sets its own page with buttons opening weather forecasts and other weather-related pages. It also has a search box, which makes it quite appealing. Unfortunately, searches performed using its search tool cannot be trusted. Users do not see reliable search results when they enter a search query. Instead, they are presented with tons of sponsored search results advertising various websites. These pages do not contain any information users are searching for, but, instead, they pay money for the author of Weather Hub for promoting them. The only important thing for creators of Weather Hub is revenue, so they might agree to advertise pages with malicious software too. The main danger lies here – malware available on these pages might easily enter the user’s system. You can protect yourself by implementing the Weather Hub removal today.

Why do I have Weather Hub installed on my computer?

Specialists have found an official source ( this program can be downloaded from, which suggests that users who have it could have downloaded it themselves from the web. Of course, not all users know why they have this program installed on their PCs, so it must be true that it can illegally enter computers too. Our advice would be to delete Weather Hub no matter how they obtained it.

How can I remove Weather Hub?

There are two ways to uninstall Weather Hub. Go to do the entire job yourself, i.e. erase it manually, or use a tool that will remove Weather Hub for you. There is probably no need to say that the latter method is easier and, in consequence, it is popular among less advanced users. Are you one of them? Do not hesitate to use a legitimate anti-malware/anti-spyware tool for deleting undesirable software from your computer. We promise you – it will need a few seconds to delete Weather Hub.

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