What is Fastfreshtabs?

What is Fastfreshtabs?

About Fastfreshtabs

Fastfreshtabs is a browser extension that could be classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. It is advertised as a tool that will “reload all tabs using browser action button or keyboard shortcut.” We doubt many people would find this useful as you can achieve the same thing manually without much trouble. And since not many people would find it useful or download it willingly, developers attach Fastfreshtabs to free software as an extra offer that usually installs alongside the freeware without the user even noticing. As soon as you install the extension, it will start generating advertisements. They are incredibly irritating to deal with but that’s not the worst part. Some advertisements could be hosted on malicious domains or may encourage you to download something dangerous. If you are not vigilant enough, you could end up with a serious infection. Uninstall Fastfreshtabs.


Why is Fastfreshtabs on my computer?

Users do not notice that they install adware and that is usually because they do not pay enough attention. Adware is attached to freeware as an additional offer that you have the option of installing. However, it is set to install alongside the freeware so you need to manually prevent it from doing so. Simply choose Advanced or Custom settings and uncheck the boxes of all added items. You can only do that in those settings so if you generally use Default, you may want to change that habit. By deselecting all additional offers, you are making sure you will not need to delete Fastfreshtabs or similar threats later on.

Should I remove Fastfreshtabs?

Even if you would find the extension useful, we doubt you like dealing with ads. And you will see loads of advertisements if you have Fastfreshtabs on your computer. Once it installs, it will infect all leading browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will start seeing ads on every page you visit and they will not leave you alone until you uninstall Fastfreshtabs. You will encounter all sorts of ads, from banners to pop-ups but bear in mind that not all of them will be safe. Adware only cares to expose you to adverts because that is how it generates income, it does not care whether the ads are secure. If you were to click on the wrong one, you could end up with some kind of malicious software on your computer. And download offers should be avoided no matter how tempting the product may be. These kinds of downloads are a great way to malware to spread. If you need some kind of program, use legitimate websites, not some questionable pop-ups. If you want to keep your computer protected, delete Fastfreshtabs.

Fastfreshtabs removal

Whether you find it useful or not, we suggest you remove Fastfreshtabs as soon as possible. You can try to erase Fastfreshtabs manually if you are able to locate where the adware is hiding. If you do not want the trouble, obtain professional anti-malware software and allow it to take care of Fastfreshtabs removal for you.

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