What is minerd.exe

What is minerd.exe

minerd.exe is a process that belongs to Minerd CryptoCurrency Miner, an infection that will use your computer’s resources to mine for cryptocurrency, specifically Monero. In addition, your computer will be added to a mining pool. This is a very noticeable computer infection because its presence will slow down your computer and make your program crash constantly. It’s using your computer’s resources to mine for cryptocurrency, hence why all the negative affect on your device. This is not particularly harmful to your device, but long-term constant mining could result in damaged hardware. Not to mention that your computer is used for somebody else’s gain without your permission. You should not permit that, and the sooner you delete minerd.exe, the better.


The crypto miner likely installed via freeware bundles. It was probably attached to free software you installed, and you did not notice. In the future, make sure you pay attention to how you install programs. The next section of the report will explain how you can install free programs without installing additional offers.

How did the miner install?

Software bundling is a method often used to distribute unwanted programs like browser hijackers, adware, and miners. Those infections come attached to free software as extra offers, and can install alongside, unless you manually prevent them from doing so. To do that, you need to pay attention to how you install programs. Most importantly, when given the option, you need to choose Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect everything.

While Default settings are the “recommended” option, you should always opt for Advanced. Furthermore, make sure to always deselect the offers no matter what kind of program you are installing.

What does mining malware do?

The program will start mining Monero cryptocoin as soon as it’s launched. In your Task Manager, you will see minerd.exe process running, and it will be using a lot of your CPU. Your computer will start lagging, programs will take longer to launch and crash constantly. Overall, your computer will act sluggishly, because the miner is using your computer’s resources to mine for Monero.

minerd.exe is not going to harm your computer, as its intentions are to mine cryptocurrency, not to do damage. However, just because it’s not harming your computer, it doesn’t mean you should allow it to remain installed. Cyber crooks are using your computer without permission for their own benefit. And while mining software is not harmful, long-term usage of your computer’s resources to such a large extent could lead to damaged hardware.

minerd.exe removal

We would recommend using anti-virus software to remove minerd.exe. Using a specialised program will ensure that all components of the program are gone. You can try to uninstall minerd.exe manually, but you might end up missing something. Nonetheless, instructions will be provided below this report.

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