What is Segurazo? Why you should remove it

What is Segurazo? Why you should remove it

About Segurazo PUP

Segurazo PUP refers to a questionable anti-virus program that is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by many legitimate anti-virus programs. According to user reports, the program installs without explicit permission from users, and is difficult to remove. Like most PUPs, it uses software bundling to install, which basically is adding extra items (usually unwanted) to popular freeware. When users install that freeware, they do not notice the added items and end up allowing them to install.

Segurazo PUP

Segurazo PUPĀ is advertised as an anti-virus program that detects all kinds of issues on your computer. However, it may be falsely reporting issues to make you buy the full program. This is a common tactic used by PUPs to intimidate users into making purchases. In reality, those discovered threats may not exist at all, or be so minor that they do not affect your computer in any way.

We do not recommend buying or even using the program. While it shouldn’t do damage to your computer, it’s not useful either. If you’re struggling with how to delete Segurazo PUP, use our provided instructions.

How did Segurazo PUP install?

Like a lot of users, you probably do not remember installing Segurazo PUP, and that is not unusual. Many PUPs use software bundling to install unnoticed on users computers. What happens is free software often comes with additional items like adware, browser hijackers and PUPs, and those items are authorized to install alongside the freeware without needing your explicit permission as they are pre-selected by default. If you want to prevent these unwanted installations, pay attention to the program’s setup process.

Most importantly, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all added offers visible, as they would be hidden otherwise. If you see anything attached, deselect the box. It’s not recommended to allow any of the added items to install as they are usually useless and will only clog up your computer.

Should you remove Segurazo PUP?

The program will likely appear out of the blue and inform you that it has found numerous threats. It looks like a legitimate anti-virus program, but does not allow you to do anything besides scan your device, unless you pay for the full version. It will detect a lot of issues, mainly viruses that are supposedly on your computer. But you should not blindly trust the results as they are likely fake. Either the issue does not exist at all, or they’re very minor. If you think some of the issues it detects may be legitimate, scan your computer with a trusted anti-virus program to check. You will notice that most anti-virus programs will detect Segurazo PUP as a potential threat.

Segurazo PUP removal

Users reportedly have trouble with manual Segurazo PUP removal. If you are struggling and cannot uninstall Segurazo PUP, opt to use anti-virus software. And even when you use anti-virus, you will first need to quit the program for it to be removed. Purposely making programs difficult to delete is questionable practice and is intended to discourage users from removing it.

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