What is Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe

What is Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe

What is Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe

Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe is a file associated with illegal copies of Windows. The file is used to activate Microsoft products illegally, so if you notice it on your system or if your anti-virus programs are detecting it, it’s likely your computer is running a pirated copy of Windows. The file itself should not cause trouble and should be safe. The reason anti-virus programs are detecting it is because it’s a sign of cracked Windows, which Microsoft does not appreciate users having.

It goes without saying that it’s not recommended to pirate software. Not only is that stealing, it’s also quite dangerous for the computer. Sources providing cracked software are full of all kinds of malware, and when you download pirated content, you’re potentially allowing the malware to enter your computer.

Should you remove Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe

If you have purchased your copy of Windows from a legitimate source, you may want to contact them and request a refund, as Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe being on the computer implies your copy of Windows is a pirated version. However, if you are sure that your copy of Windows is legal, it would be a good idea to do a full scan of your computer with anti-malware software as the file could be a sign of some kind of malware infection.

If you are using pirated Windows, the majority anti-malware software will keep detecting Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe as a threat. VirusTotal shows that 38 out of 72 security programs detect Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe as malicious. That includes the following big anti-virus programs:

  • BitDefender (Application.Hacktool.KMSAuto.U);
  • ESET (A Variant Of Win64/HackKMS.C Potentially Unsafe);
  • Kaspersky (Not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win64.ProcPatcher.a);
  • Microsoft (HackTool:Win32/AutoKMS);
  • Sophos (Troj/ProcInj-AF);
  • Symantec (Trojan.Gen.2);
  • TrendMicro (HackTool.Win64.AUTOKMS.GAB).

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