WiperSoft One-Time Free Removal Offer Terms

WiperSoft One-Time Free Removal Offer Terms

1.1 New users may be eligible to use a free offer made available by Wiper Software. The offer allows new eligible users to try out our software under certain conditions. Free offer related terms and conditions described here are incorporated by reference into your Agreement with us and are legally binding.

1.2 By using the free offer you confirm you (a) have read, understood, and agree to our End User License Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and these free offer terms; (b) consent to the use of your submitted data as described in our Privacy Policy.

1.3 The free offer allows you to run a scan, and remove detected threats after 48 hours free of charge. If threats (spyware, malware, malicious items) are detected during a scan, you will receive a one-time offer to remove the threats for free, but only after 48 hours have passed since the scan. The offer is only valid once. For cases when our software is unable to remove detected threats, you will have the option of contacting WiperSoft Support, where technicians would assist you.

1.4 In order to continue using WiperSoft to its full functionality after you have used the free offer, you will have to purchase a license or use 7 days free trial. All instructions on how to do that will be provided. If, after using the free offer, you wish to not use the program, you can simply uninstall it.

1.5 We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to determine eligibility for the free offer. In order to determine eligibility, we may use information you may be required to submit during sign-up. The information that may be required includes email, address, payment information, device identifier, hardware ID, and IP address.

1.6 Existing subscribers are not eligible for this free offer. Eligibility and/or offer duration may be limited in order to prevent misuse. The free offer may be revoked, and access to our software and services may be suspended if a user is found to be violating our Terms or is found to be not eligible. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the free offer at any time by providing notice, and without liability to you.

1.7 You may only be eligible to use the free offer once.

1.8 Free offers are not redeemable for cash.