“You will find a trojan” scam email

“You will find a trojan” scam email

What is “You will find a trojan” scam email

“You will find a trojan” scam email refers to emails that claim users’ computers have been infected with a trojan. The email is essentially a scam that wants to trick users into paying $500. These kinds of spam email campaigns are very common, although they are usually more elaborate than this. ThisĀ “You will find a trojan” scam email is quite short and direct, it claims that a trojan is installed on the victim’s computer, and that data will be deleted if $500 in Bitcoins is not paid the provided address. The email threatens that it’s already too late to deal with the trojan and that the only way to not lose any files would be to pay. The email further says that “if you ignore it I do hope you got a backup plan for your entire life”.

You will find a trojan scam email

You will find a trojan

For less tech-savvy users, this may seem like a legitimate hacking attack, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a scam. The sender of the email has your email address not because your computer has been hacked and your data stolen, but because someone leaked it. Some services you used your email to sign up for likely suffered some kind of data breach, and your email was sold to scammers on the dark web. You can check whether your email has been compromised on Have I Been Pwned.

You will find a trojan virus

Scam emails also often come with attachments. You may get something similar to “You will find a trojan” scam email but with an additional document attached, which the scammer will claim to be evidence of him/her hacking your computer. That attachment will contain malware, and by opening it, you would be allowing it launch. Without you realizing, the malware could spy on you, steal your data, delete files, etc. Thus, you should never open email attachments in obvious scam or unsolicited emails. Furthermore, engaging with such emails at all is not recommended as by replying, you’re letting the scammers know that the email address is active. If you reply, you’re much more likely to receive similar and more elaborate scam emails in the future.

Can you delete “You will find a trojan” scam email

You can safely remove “You will find a trojan” scam email from your inbox. And in the future, whenever you get an email threatening you and trying to get you to pay, be very skeptical as they more than likely scams. Some similar scams try to extort money by claiming a video of the victim watching pornography was made, and unless the victim agrees to pay, it will be sent to all contacts. These scams are referred to as sextortion scams. While they may seem even more threatening than the “You will find a trojan” scam email, they’re still scams, and there is no video.

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