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What is is a browser hijacker. Once it enters the computer, it hijacks all browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox so that users would see when they open their browsers. In fact, this website will be visible all the time because it changes homepage, default search engine, and New Tab page settings. It has been made to look like a trustworthy search tool, but the truth is that it is a bad website that only pretends to be a legitimate search provider just to stay longer on the computer. Even though has an appearance of a good search provider, you should go to delete from your browsers instead of using it as a default tool for searching the web. It is because problems might quickly arise if you let it stay on your system. All these problems that might arise from using are listed in the following paragraph.


What does do?, despite the appearance similarities it shares with decent search tools, is far from a good search provider because it provides more ads than trustworthy search results. All these ads might not look dangerous at all at first, but the truth is that they are the ones that might take you to websites containing malicious software. Most probably, this will not happen immediately after you start using as your default search provider, but you still risk ending up on a bad website one day if you do not do anything to uninstall from your browsers and use this search tool as a default tool for searching the web. Actually, you should go to remove from your browsers not only to make sure that you do not land on bad websites. This search tool cannot be trusted also because it might itself record information about you and then sell it one day. Websites it will take you to might not respect your privacy at all either.

How did enter my computer?

Software bundles are used to spread and many other browser hijackers. Therefore, you should opt for the advanced installation option when installing freeware from the web. This is a tiny step that might help you to prevent unwanted software from entering your computer. It is, of course, not the only way to protect the system from harm. What else you should do is to install a security application on the computer.

How can I remove

The removal is highly recommended because of all the problems this untrustworthy search tool might cause if a user decides to use this search tool as a default search provider. If you find the manual removal too complicated, scan your computer with an automated scanner. It will detect and erase all other bad programs it finds installed on the computer too, so your computer will be perfectly clean after scanning the system once. You should get such a tool that would protect your PC from malware after it finishes cleaning your system.

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