“Amazon Rewards Event” scam Removal

“Amazon Rewards Event” scam Removal

What is “Amazon Rewards Event” scam

“Amazon Rewards Event” scam refers to a scam that claims you have been selected to take part in a giveaway and have the opportunity to win a prize. These giveaway scams are very common and often use big company names like Amazon, Google and Facebook to lure people in. They usually claim that users are rewarded for their loyalty or simply because they’re the “lucky visitor”. Those who engage with the scam are asked to provide their personal information, which is the true purpose of these scams. This and money. If it has not been obvious yet, there will be no prizes, and if you provide your personal information to these scammers, they’ll try to scam you again in the future.

If you encountered one of these “Amazon Rewards Event” scams, you were either redirected when visiting a questionable website, or your computer is infected with adware. Adware is a pretty noticeable infection because it shows you a lot of ads, and will redirect you to the scam numerous times. If it’s adware, you will first need to get rid of it to remove “Amazon Rewards Event” scams permanently. If you were just redirected once or twice when on questionable websites, you don’t need to worry because it’s probably a one-time occurrence.

Adware could be redirecting you to the scam

Try to recall what you were doing when you got redirected to the site showing the scam. If you were on an adult site, or a not exactly legal free streaming page and clicked on something, the site could have redirected you. You can usually stop this from happening by adding adblocker to your browser.

However, if you have encountered the scam numerous times with no obvious triggers, you may have adware on your computer. Adware isn’t a dangerous infection but it needs to be dealt with right away because it exposes you to unsafe content like the “Amazon Rewards Event” scam. It probably installed onto your computer alongside freeware, and you did not notice. This is not unusual because free programs often come with additional offers attached to them. If users don’t pay attention to how they install programs they end up missing everything added.

When installing programs in the future, pay attention to the process. When given the option, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all extra offers visible and you will be able to deselect all of them. If there is something, simply uncheck the boxes, and you can then continue installing the program.

The “Amazon Rewards Event” scam is aiming for your personal information

This particular scam redirects users to a site with Amazon’s logo and a spin wheel. A pop-up then appears and it informs the user that they have a chance to be rewarded for their loyalty to Amazon. They are offered to spin the wheel of prizes, which are gadgets like iPhones, AirPods, Samsung devices and computers. There will even be comments from supposed previous winners at the bottom, all thanking Amazon for their amazing prizes.

Since this is a scam, you will obviously not win anything. The scam will claim that you did win and ask that you provide your personal information to receive the prize. The information includes your full name, home address, email address, phone number, etc. This information would be used to carry out other, more elaborate scams on you, or it would be sold on the dark web. With such personal information, successfully carrying out a scam will be much easier for these cyber crooks. In some cases, users are even asked to pay a small sum to receive the prize, in which case the intention is money in addition to personal information.

It should be mentioned that companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc., do not host these kinds of giveaways. If they were to do one, they would announce it via official channels, not random ads. Thus, you can disregard every single giveaway ad you come across.

“Amazon Rewards Event” scam removal

If it’s a one-time thing, you can avoid being redirected to these scams by simply not visiting questionable sites, or by installing an adblocker. However, if you are dealing with adware, you will need to get rid of it to delete “Amazon Rewards Event” scam. We strongly suggest you use anti-spyware software to make sure all adware components are deleted.

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