What is & How to remove Android/Filecoder.C

What is & How to remove Android/Filecoder.C

What is Android/Filecoder.C?

Android/Filecoder.C is a Trojan horse targeted at Android OS devices. It is a ransomware infection that aims at making money for its creators by taking your files “hostage”. The threat encodes your files thus making it impossible for you to open them. It is similar to other parasites targeted towards computer systems. Regardless of which device is affected by ransomware, it is imperative to eliminate it from your system. We urge you to terminate Android/Filecoder.C as soon as you can.



How does Android/Filecoder.C work?

Android/Filecoder.C spreads online through a fake adult game and is advertised on various suspicious sites, forums, and even on Reddit. The infection also spreads through text messages. Once the device gets infiltrated, the ransomware sends a text message to all contacts in the contact list. The message claims that the recipient of the message had their photo used in an adult game and it even contains the name of the recipient to make it more believable. The text also includes a malign link clicking on which infects the targeted device. We advise that before you click on any links or download any files, you make sure that they are legitimate.

The next step that the ransomware takes is locking all your data files includes your photos, videos, and more. Once the encryption is complete, the user is presented with a ransom note that urges them to pay a fee of 0.01 Bitcoin in order to regain access to their data. It also contains the threat to delete all files if the payment is not made within 72 hours. The hackers cannot actually do that. It is important not to fall for the scare tactics and make sure that you eliminate Android/Filecoder.C from your device without delay.

How to remove Android/Filecoder.C?

Following instructions of cyber criminals is never a good idea which is why we suggest that you focus on Android/Filecoder.C removal instead. You can delete Android/Filecoder.C by using the malware prevention and removal tool from our website. The security application can help you erase Android/Filecoder.C without much difficulty and make sure that you do not have to deal with similar issues in the future. Of course, if you do not wish to deal with Android/Filecoder.C removal or any other malware again in addition to having a security tool protecting your device, you also have to make sure that you stay careful online and only interact with content from trusted sources. As for the encoded files, you can try using a decryption tool to get them back or restore them from backup.

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