BitCro Search Removal

BitCro Search Removal

What is a browser hijacker?

BitCro Search is a browser hijacker, something you probably did not mean to install. If you do find it on your computer, that means you need to pay more attention to how you install free software. Hijackers are attached to freeware as extra offers and if you do not want them to install alongside, you need to manually deselect them. It’s fairly simple to do but because they are hidden, usually users end up missing them. The hijacker will change your browser’s settings, set a weird site as your homepage and new tabs, and try to redirect you to sponsored sites but otherwise will not directly do anything. However, the redirects that it will perform could cause you major inconveniences. You could even be led to malware-ridden sites where you may accidentally end up downloading something dangerous. Uninstall BitCro Search.

BitCro Search

How do hijackers spread?

These kinds of threats are usually attached to free programs as extra offers and you need to deselect them to prevent installation. Use Advanced or Custom settings when installing freeware and everything attached will become visible. Those settings will also allow you to deselect everything. Make sure you uncheck all the items so that no weird programs can get into the system. Refrain from using Default settings because you will not see anything. Unchecking a few boxes is much easier than it would be to remove BitCro Search so bear that in mind.

Why delete BitCro Search?

While browser hijackers are not malicious themselves, they are very annoying to deal with. If it’s present on your computer, one day you will open your browser, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and will load. And it will happen every time. That is because the hijacker has set it as your homepage and new tabs. The changes are irreversible unless you first uninstall BitCro Search. Until you do that, you will be redirected to a weird site and will be forced to use some dubious search engine. It could be inserting sponsored pages into the results so we advise against using it. Hijackers redirect you to those sites to generate traffic. More traffic is more money for site owners. Hijackers also do not care whether they lead you to safe pages. You could end up on a site that has malware on it and it could download onto your computer without you even noticing. This is why you are strongly encouraged to remove BitCro Search.

BitCro Search removal

Once you notice the infection on your computer, immediately delete BitCro Search. It can be done in two ways, manually and in an automatic way. The latter would be easier as the anti-spyware program would take care of everything. If you go with manual BitCro Search removal, you will have to find and erase the hijacker yourself.

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