Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 Adware Removal

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 Adware Removal

About this infection

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 is an adware program, disguising as a useful Chrome clean up tool. In reality, it will expose you to loads of advertisements so that it could generate income. It will be of no use to you, but it will also not harm your computer directly. That being said, it’s not harmless, and should not be allowed to remain installed. If you find it on your computer, there’s two ways it could have gotten into your computer. You either installed it willingly, or it was added to freeware as an extra offer. In the case of the latter, you need to be more careful about how you install free programs because a lot of unwanted installations can happen if you are not. It should also be mentioned that while the adware itself is not malicious, the ads that is shows you could lead to a serious malware infection. We suggest you delete Clean My Chrome 1.0.1.

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1

Adware spread methods

Adware is usually added to free software as an extra offer. Those offers are set to install alongside the freeware, so you need to manually deselect them to prevent installation. This can be done in Advanced or Custom settings. Choose those settings when you install freeware, and you will be able to deselect everything. Make sure that you do not leave one box checked because those items are hidden there for a reason. You could have also obtained it via Google Chrome store but it’s doubtful as the reviews are especially bad. Whichever way you got it, remove Clean My Chrome 1.0.1.

Why uninstall Clean My Chrome 1.0.1?

The extension is advertised as a Chrome cleanup utility but it will not act the way it promises. And that will quickly become clear because you will start seeing loads of ads everywhere you go, even on usually ad-free sites. They will pop-up randomly, interrupt your browsing and slow down your computer, and this will go on until you delete Clean My Chrome 1.0.1. Your browser might start crashing more often and generally slowing down because of the adware. Even your computer might act sluggish. The reason we said the adware is not harmless before is because it does not ensure that ads it shows you are safe. So some could be malicious and thus lead to a serious malware infection. Therefore, adware could end up bringing about malware, albeit not directly. It will provide nothing useful to you, so we suggest you remove Clean My Chrome 1.0.1.

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 removal

If you choose to uninstall Clean My Chrome 1.0.1, you have two ways to do it. You could obtain anti-spyware software and have it take care of everything. Manual Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 removal is fully possible but it may take more time than you think, which is why we don’t necessarily suggest it.

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