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What is is known to be a currency miner. Specifically speaking, it is a JavaScript library used to mine the cryptocurrency. In most cases, the following cryptocurrencies are mined using it: Monero, Dashcoin, DarkNetCoin, and others. Although this does not sound very dangerous, malware experts have noticed that cyber criminals have started embedding this miner into certain programs and browser extensions so that they could mine the cryptocurrency using users’ PCs resources without their knowledge. If you ever find out that you have it installed on your system too, you must delete the miner as soon as possible. Most probably, you will need to remove software it has arrived on your computer with too. What we know for sure is that you cannot keep it installed on your computer.


What does the miner do?

Although the miner usually arrives on computers illegally, some users sooner or later find out about its presence on their computers. It mines cryptocurrencies in the background for sure, but it does not mean that there are no signs showing that it is working on the system. Once a user installs an application or a browser extension with the embedded miner, the miner is immediately downloaded from and installed on the system. Then, is starts mining the cryptocurrency. At that point, users can notice very high CPU and graphics card usage. Also, a web browser might start using 50% of the CPU power. Also, they might notice that PC keeps connecting to the domain Finally, their computers might start working very slowly. Do not worry; you can fix this – go to uninstall the miner.

Where does the miner come from?

Some cryptocurrency miners can be downloaded and installed from the web by users willingly, but there is no doubt that they usually arrive on users’ computers without permission and then start working immediately. As for the miner, it tends to enter users’ computers with ordinary-looking programs and browser extensions. If you remember downloading new software from the web before you noticed that your PC works strangely, it is very likely that it is the reason you have it installed on your computer too. Remove as soon as possible together with that third-party software.

How do I delete

You must implement the removal as soon as possible no matter how you decide to do that. The easiest way to delete this miner is to use an automatic anti-malware scanner. It will find where this undesirable software is located and then will remove it fully. You cannot leave a single component of this miner if you do not want it to continue working on your system. Of course, you can implement the removal in a manual way as well, but it will be an extremely troublesome procedure because you will have to do everything yourself, i.e. remove its all components one by one. Yes, this undesirable application does not have an uninstaller like ordinary programs.

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