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What is looks like a decent search engine, but we do not think that it is very reliable because it is usually set without permission. As this search engine often applies changes without permission, specialists put it into the category of browser hijackers. Unfortunately, will affect all the most popular browsers in order to help the publisher earn money for driving traffic to the websites that are run by partners. We are sure that is not created to act in a beneficial way for users, so we believe that you should delete and then set another search provider. Of course, the main reason why we suggest getting rid of it is the fact that this search engine might put the system at risk really quickly.


What does do?

You will be forced to use after this browser hijacker manages to enter the system. At first sight, it might seem that it is nothing wrong to do that; however, we suggest being very careful with The reason is simple – might provide users with all kinds of sponsored links and commercial advertisements, and they might redirect to bad third-party web pages. You will never know when you click on a bad link or ad, which means that you might cause harm to your system at any time. Specialists believe that you might also violate your privacy if you decide to keep and use it every day because this search engine collects all kinds of information about users, including their browsing history, the websites they visit, and other relevant details. The majority of details collects are non-personal; however, we still believe that you should be very careful.

How did appear on my browsers?

Many users cannot even explain how and when they have set Actually, it is not surprising at all that they cannot remember that because they usually do not do that themselves. Research has shown that often travels in a bundle with other programs. They are usually promoted on third-party websites and not all of them are trustworthy. It means that you not only have to remove, but also detect and eliminate other infections that might have slithered onto the system if is already set. If you do not get rid of them after you implement the removal, they might download other threats on your system too and they might even slow down your PC because they will use resources.

How to uninstall

You should remove browser hijacker as soon as possible and set another search provider instead of it for the sake of PC’s security. If you do not think that you can delete yourself, scan your system with an automatic malware remover Wipersoft (100% Free to use). It will undoubtedly implement the removal for you. We want to inform you that only reliable tools can remove for you, so make sure that you download and install only a trustworthy tool on your computer, i.e. do not trust software downloaded from third-party web pages and torrents.


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