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Do you know what is?

No matter how looks like, it is not a trustworthy search provider. Instead, it is a browser hijacker threatening to change browsers’ settings upon its arrival. Unfortunately, set as homepage on all browsers means that this browser hijacker is already inside the computer and has started working on it. This infection not only changes all browsers’ settings, but might also perform other undesirable activities, for example, it has been found that it is also capable of recording information about users and tracking them in every step. Needless to say, reputable search providers never act behind users’ backs. Also, they always tell users about their intentions upon the entrance. In the opinion of specialists, it is a really bad idea to keep set on browsers because it might even cause serious problems and expose to threats available on the web. Next paragraphs will tell you more about this search engine and we hope that you will decide to implement the removal.


What does do? is a typical browser hijacker, so users should not be very surprised if they ever find it set on their browsers without their permission. It is a serious drawback which shows that is not a search tool that can be fully trusted; however, it is not its only drawback, unfortunately. Specialists say that it is a very bad idea to use it as the main tool for searching the web because it might display untrustworthy search results. More specifically, users might see a number of commercial advertisements. These commercials are not only irritating, but they might redirect users to disreputable web pages. Of course, not all the search results will be bad advertisements, but you will definitely encounter and click on them if you do not remove soon. Important information about you might also be recorded if this browser hijacker is kept installed – it tracks users and records all kinds of information about them.

Where does come from?

It has been found that is spread just like any other browser hijacker. Specifically speaking, it comes bundled with free software which users often download from third-party websites (e.g. P2P pages). Of course, they do not know about this extra item which is going to be installed alongside freeware. Browser hijackers are only one of many computer infections using this distribution method, so be very careful. In the opinion of security specialists, all victims of should go to install security software after the removal.

How can I uninstall

You could not delete like any ordinary program because it does not create an uninstaller in Control Panel. What you can do instead to remove manually is to reset browsers or simply set a new URL as a homepage, search tool, and new tab URL on all browsers. What else you can do to delete is to scan the computer with a reliable scanner. It will make sure that there no infections left on your PC within seconds.

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