How to remove

How to remove

What is is a torrent website that allows users to download copyrighted content for free. Torrenting is a popular way to watching movies and TV series, as well as getting expensive programs without paying anything. Those sites are technically illegal, as it downloading copyrighted content from them. However, that does not stop them from being incredibly popular. Law enforcement regularly take down these websites to stop pirating but the same sites pop up again and again.

Torrenting and other pirating sites can be dangerous to users not only because it’s technically illegal to use them. Sites like are not properly regulated, meaning that malware can be hosted on them. Malware distributors may disguise their malicious programs as popular TV series episodes or movies, and when users download them, they end up with malware. Ads on the site could also be harmful and lead you to unreliable/malicious content. So if you insist on using these sites, at least make sure you download safe torrents and not click on advertisements.

If you are constantly redirected to and it’s happening out of the blue, it’s possible you have adware installed on your computer. In addition to the redirects, you should also notice an increase in other ads. Adware usually installs together with free software so you wouldn’t even notice it at first. To learn more, continue reading. If it is adware, you’ll need to get rid of it to delete redirects.

If you are redirected to, adware may be responsible

If you are constantly redirected to when browsing normally, it’s possible you could be dealing with adware. Adware is a pretty minor infection but because it constantly bombards you with ads, you need to get rid of it right away.

Adware usually installs together with free software. Most free programs will come with something attached to them, usually adware, browser hijackers or potentially unwanted programs. Those attached items are options but are set to install alongside, unless users manually deselect them. However, users usually don’t even notice them, let alone be able to deselect them. They are purposely hidden from users, however, to ensure they get installed.

When you install programs, paying attention to the process is very important. Most importantly, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. If you continue in Default, everything attached will install alongside the program without you even noticing. However, if you opt for Advanced settings, all attached items will be made visible and you will be able to deselect them.

Because most freeware will come with these attached offers, you always need to deselect them. Preventing their installations from the very beginning is easy, compared to having to uninstall them later on.

Downloading from could lead to an infection

As we’ve mentioned above, torrent sites like aren’t exactly legal. It’s also illegal to download copyrighted content via torrents. However, that does not stop the millions of people who use them every day to get movies, TV series, games, books and software. Malware distributors also realize how many people use torrents and how easy it is to disguise something malicious as an episode of a popular series, which is why users need to be very careful if they choose to use torrents. It’s recommended to at least read the comments of a torrent to see whether someone has reported malware. Checking the uploader is also a good idea.

In addition to the site being full of malware disguised as torrents, ads on the site are also unreliable. You need to be very careful to not click on anything suspicious. Some of the ads could even look harmless but actually hide malware. This is why when you’re visiting questionable sites, stay away from ads. removal

If you are constantly redirected to the website, you may be dealing with adware. It’s not a difficult infection to get rid of if you use anti-spyware software. The program would find and delete all traces of the adware and remove redirects, and you could go back to normal browsing.

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