LoveServe Ransomware

LoveServe Ransomware

What is LoveServer?

A new ransomware infection has been spotted recently. It is called LoveServer. Despite the fact that it is a new threat, it works like similar ransomware infections do, i.e. it enters illegally computers and then immediately locks files. It does not append a new extension like other malicious applications classified as ransomware do. It puts all its files in one created file and gives it a name BACKUP DON’T DELETE.


This is not the only new file you will find on your computer after allowing LoveServer to enter your PC. It also puts a new text file R-E-A-D-M-E.txt. This file is a ransom note which tells users what has happened to their files and what they need to do next. Users who are not going to pay cyber criminals money to get their files back should not even bother writing an email to the email address provided in this ransom note because there is no doubt that you will be asked to pay money. In this case, go to uninstall LoveServer instead. Actually, it would be best to implement the LoveServer removal if you pay money too because this infection will not be deactivated even if you get your files back after paying a ransom.

What does LoveServer do?

LoveServer performs all activities to get money from users, i.e. it locks users’ files in one place and creates a ransom note on the computer. This ransom note does not say much. Users are told that their important data is locked, and they can get it back only by sending an email with an IP address to The exact amount of money you will be asked to pay is unknown, but it will not be cheap to get files back. On top of that, there are no guarantees that this will happen. Therefore, paying money is a risky activity. If you do not pay a ransom, it might be impossible to get files back, but, at least, you will not lose your money too.

How did LoveServer enter my system?

Ransomware infections always use the same method to enter computers, i.e. they are usually spread through spam emails, so it is very likely that you see LoveServer because you have opened an attachment of a malicious email too. Not all spam emails distribute malware, of course, but none of them can be trusted, so stay away from them in the future. It would be a good idea to install security software too. Do this immediately after you successfully delete LoveServer. It would be of no use to install security software when LoveServer is still inside the system because it might make it inaccessible too.

How do I remove LoveServer?

The manual LoveServer removal would be extremely difficult for inexperienced users, so we do not recommend going to delete LoveServer in a manual way. What we recommend instead of using this method is going to remove this bad program automatically. Use only a trustworthy scanner to remove LoveServer if you want it to be erased fully from your computer. Such a tool, sadly, cannot recover your files.

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