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About is the URL you will be seeing if a certain adware program has been installed onto your computer. It infected your computer together with free software. The way it happens is adware is attached to free software as an additional item that the user can choose to install but because he/she does not notice it, it is allowed to install automatically. So if adware is present on your computer, you need to start paying more attention to how you install free software. The redirects are highly irritating as they occur randomly no matter where you click. Adware can also sometimes expose users to malicious content so it is not entirely harmless even if it considered to be a low-level threat. We most likely do not need to say this but you need to uninstall adware. After removal is carried out, you can go back to usual browsing.


How is distributed?

Adware creators attach the application to free software and that is referred to as the bundling method. Adware is set to install together with the free software so unless you deselect it during the process, it will install automatically. Always use Advanced (Custom) settings and deselect what has been added. All you have to do is uncheck the boxes and that will prevent the bundled items from installing. Many users rush through the installation process and this mistake allows the adware to install. If you wish to avoid having to remove or similar, make sure you deselect added items before they are installed.

What does do?

Adware will attach itself to all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will be constantly redirected to no matter where you click. The only way to stop this irritating activity would be to uninstall from the system, which you are probably eager to carry out anyway. The website is disguised as a news site with various articles and a search engine. We must note that it is completely identical to, and countless other sites. We do not think you should click on any of the provided articles as the site you may be led to could be malicious. The search engine leads to Google so you are safe to use it. However, why would you use some questionable site to access Google, when you can just go the directly. Adware really does not belong on your computer. You need to delete promptly. removal

We suggest you obtain authentic removal software to delete The program will ensure that removal is carried out fully and it cannot renew itself again. However, if you do not want to obtain such a program, you can proceed to remove manually. We must warn you that it may take a while because adware can be hard to find. After you terminate, you can go back to usual browsing.

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