About is an advertising website to which you might be redirected to if you have an adware on your Android device. This issue seems to affect primarily Android users, and many have complained about weird ads being displayed on their screens. The ads may falsely claim that your device is infected with a virus because you visited pornography websites or the like. You may be shown ads claiming you have won something, or that you need to download some kind of app or software. It should be noted that while ads are potentially dangerous, the adware itself is not. Adware is pretty harmless because it does not directly harm your device. However, adware is rather annoying, particularly on a mobile device.


If your Android device is constantly redirected to, an installed app is likely adware. There are many adware apps that are disguised as games, utility apps, etc., and they aim to generate revenue by constantly exposing you to ads. To remove ads, you will need find and delete the app responsible for the ads.

What is causing the ads and redirects?

If your Android device is suddenly displaying advertisements, you probably have a malicious app installed. If you are unsure which app is the culprit, check all apps you’ve downloaded from third-party stores. Apps on third-party app stores are usually not checked, meaning they could easily be malicious.

When it comes to apps, it’s best to get then from the Google Play Store. While Google is not always capable of keeping the store malware-free, it’s still the best source for apps.

What does the adware do?

As is probably obvious, adware is responsible for showing you ads. Ads are annoying everywhere, but they’re especially bothersome on mobile devices and tablets. On computers, they may pop-up out of nowhere but you can easily close them by pressing the “X”. However, when they appear on mobile devices, they’re full screen and you’re not sure where it’s safe to click or how to safely close it. Not to mention how annoying they are.

Adware displays all kinds of advertisements, both safe and potentially dangerous ones. Dangerous ads may try to convince you that your device is infected with malware and that you need to install the offered software or dial the provided number. You could be offered supposed security programs, which would turn out to be malware. And the ads that suggest you call tech-support and provide a number are tech-support scams. Professional scammers would try to trick you into believing that there’s something serious wrong with your computer and that you need to allow them to fix it. Since this is a scam, you’d be paying for nothing. Tech-support scams can even lead to stolen data and even money theft.

Adware generated ads are not considered to be safe because they are not checked before being shown to you. You could be exposed to malware, scams, etc. But otherwise, adware is pretty harmless. removal

In order to delete ads and redirects, you will need to get rid of the app responsible. If you have a lot of apps installed, that may be difficult as you’d need to check all the apps. If you are unsure about which one is causing the issue, use anti-virus software. Most of the popular security apps for Windows have versions for Android, so you can use one you’re already using on your computer.

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