Remove Edematousliterature Chrome Extension

Remove Edematousliterature Chrome Extension

About this infection

Edematousliterature virus is a malicious Google Chrome extension, more commonly referred to as a browser hijacker. It’s not exactly a dangerous infection, but you need to get rid of it sooner rather than later. If you happen to find it on your computer, it either forced you to install it, or it was attached to freeware as an additional offer, and you did not notice. In both cases, you were tricked into installing it, which is all the reasons you need to remove Edematousliterature virus. While it should not directly harm your computer, it will alter your browser’s settings and insert sponsored content into your search results so that you are redirected. This is not only annoying but may also lead to more serious infections, such as malware. Thus, you need to delete Edematousliterature virus.


How to avoid browser hijackers?

Browser hijackers are usually added to freeware as extra offers. And all you need to do is deselect them. Pick Advanced (Custom) settings when you install freeware, and you will be able to check for extra offers. If you find any, deselect them. Do not rush installation processes and do not use Default settings because you will install all added offers. The other way you may have gotten this infection is via pop-ups forcing you to install extensions. You might get redirected to a shady website, and a pop-up would appear, asking you to install an extension. Whatever you press on, the extension would install, whether you press on ‘Cancel’ or ‘Add extension’. In situations like this, you need to close the tab or the browser, instead of interacting with pop-up. If you cannot close the browser, access Task Manager and end the browser’s process.

How does it affect the computer?

When this infection installs, it will add itself to Google Chrome and change it’s settings. The changes will be irreversible unless you first uninstall Edematousliterature virus. It remains in the background so you might not even notice it at first. Unlike most browser hijackers, this one will not change your homepage/new tabs. However, it will affect your search engine. The most obvious signs of this infection is loads of sponsored content in your search results. Hijackers aim to redirect users to sponsored site so that owners can make money. Thus, you will be seeing loads of redirect links. If you notice this happening, avoiding using the search engine until the infection is dealt with. Some of those results could lead to serious infections and you might end up with some nasty malware on your computer. You should remove Edematousliterature virus as soon as possible.

Edematousliterature virus removal

If you choose to delete Edematousliterature virus manually, you will have to find the hijacker yourself, which may be difficult as it is created to remain hidden. This is why it would be easier to uninstall Edematousliterature virus automatically. Anti-spyware software would take care of Edematousliterature virus removal pretty easily.

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