What is is a nasty computer infection that is called a browser hijacker. When it enters the system, it immediately changes the browsers’ settings by setting as a homepage and default search engine. As can be seen, this threat does not try to hide itself, so the majority of users who see these changes applied understand that a browser hijacker is inside their computers. The sooner you delete from your browsers, the better because this search tool is not trustworthy and might even cause harm to the system very quickly. We will elaborate on that in the following paragraphs of this report. You should read this report also if you seek to find out how to easily implement the removal. Experts will talk about that in the last paragraph.


How does act? works as an ordinary search tool: if you enter anything into the search box, it will display search results; however, it is still not a search engine users should use. It is because this search provider is full of advertisements. You might not only find them on its main page, but they might also appear on the page with search results. It will take longer for you to find the relevant information because of the presence of those advertisements. In addition, these ads are known to be able to take users to third-party websites containing untrustworthy software, i.e. malware. Finally, if you let it stay on your browsers for a long time and use it as your default search tool, your identity might be stolen by cyber criminals because this search tool itself might gather personal data and also might take users to third-party websites that perform this activity too. There is no way to change how it acts, but you can make sure that it does not perform these activities anymore by getting rid of it. After the removal, you could set Bing, Yahoo, Google, or another reputable search provider.

How did enter my computer?

It does not surprise specialists at all that so many users do not know how has entered their computers. It is because is spread by a browser hijacker infection which enters computers illegally together with free applications. Users risk infecting their computers if they download software from third-party websites, including torrents. If you are not going to stop doing that, you have to install a security application that would protect you from dangers.

How can I remove

It is possible to uninstall manually; however, we have observed that users who have never done that before might find it quite hard to do that. Therefore, we suggest that you delete automatically. To remove like that you need to have a special malware remover. It seems that you do not have one installed on your PC or it is untrustworthy if the browser hijacker promoting has managed to enter your computer without permission so easily. Use only a reputable malware remover!

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