Remove Lucky Site 123

Remove Lucky Site 123

About Lucky Site 123

Lucky Site 123 is a browser hijacker that must have entered your computer along with free software. You need to start paying closer attention to how you install programs because you allowed this hijacker to enter yourself. It is not malicious but it will make unwanted changes to your browser and redirect you to sponsored web pages. It does that because it aims to generate pay-per-click income for sponsored pages. While browser hijackers are usually pretty harmless, you could be led to a malicious page where malware could be waiting for you. A simple browser hijacker infection may lead to a serious malware problem. If you care about your computer’s security, we strongly suggest you remove Lucky Site 123.

Lucky Site 123

How does Lucky Site 123 spread?

Lucky Site 123 spreads just like any other browser hijacker, via free software. It’s attached as an optional item to certain freeware, which means that when you install the freeware, Lucky Site 123 installs as well. You will need to use Advanced (Custom) settings if you wish to have control over what gets installed onto your computer. In those settings, you will be able to clearly see what has been added. You need to uncheck the boxes of those added items and that will prevent them from installing. Do not rush through the installation process because that is why you are stuck having to uninstall Lucky Site 123 now.

Why delete Lucky Site 123?

Lucky Site 123 will set itself as your homepage and new tabs, and that will happen on all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The setting changes were carried out without your permission and cannot be undone unless you first remove Lucky Site 123. What is going to happen is when you open your browser, you will be redirected to Lucky Site 123, then to another site and then to an ad. You will encounter all kinds of ads and you need to be careful. One of them might claim your computer is infected with serious malware and that you need to download something. Another one may ask you to participate in survey. Never download anything from dubious sources, such as ads. If you are in need of software, go to the official page. You should also never disclose personal information if you are asked to participate in a survey, even if you are falsely offered to win a prize. You might even encounter some kind of malware accidentally. If you do not want to risk a serious infection, we suggest you uninstall Lucky Site 123

Lucky Site 123 removal

Lucky Site 123 removal is not difficult but you will need to find and erase Lucky Site 123 related freeware. Instructions on how to eliminate Lucky Site 123 manually will be provided below. However, if you are having trouble, you may need to obtain professional removal software. The program would find and delete Lucky Site 123 fully.

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