Remove MagnaEngine browser hijacker

Remove MagnaEngine browser hijacker

MagnaEngine is a questionable browser extension, classified as a browser hijacker due to its behavior. It’s not a dangerous infection but it is very annoying. It will hijack the browser and make unwanted changes in order to push a dubious search engine.



MagnaEngine is advertised as a legitimate browser extension but it’s actually a browser hijacker. Once installed on a computer, it will hijacker the Google Chrome browser and change its settings. It’s a very noticeable infection because it changes the default search engine, homepage, and new tab. To be specific, it changes the default search engine to, and when a search is performed, users are redirected to

The whole point of these types of browser hijackers is to promote questionable search engines. They insert sponsored links into search results to redirect users to those sites and generate revenue. However, this search engine does not give any results. Both this and sponsored results can be very annoying because they make using the search function very inconvenient.

When a browser hijacker hijacks a browser, you cannot make any changes to its settings until you remove the hijacker. Furthermore, hijackers collect data like search queries, browsing history, IP addresses, and other information. While it’s not personal data, this type of data collection is still intrusive enough to warrant removal. There’s no reason to put up with any kind of data collection from a questionable program like MagnaEngine browser hijacker, particularly because you likely did not install it willingly.

Due to the changes it makes to your Google Chrome browser, MagnaEngine browser hijacker is a very noticeable infection. This means you will be able to remove MagnaEngine browser hijacker sooner rather than later. It’s not a malicious program so it can be removed both manually and using anti-virus software.

How do browser hijackers install?

Infections like browser hijackers and adware are usually installed by users accidentally via the software bundling method. The way this method works is said infections are attached to free programs as extra offers and are authorized to be installed alongside the programs without requiring explicit permission. The offers are technically optional but they need to be manually deselected to stop them from installing. However, because they are hidden in settings users do not normally use, users do not notice them, accidentally permitting them to install.

If you want to prevent unwanted installations, you need to pay attention when installing free programs. Specifically, you need to use Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option during installation. The installation window will recommend using Default (Basic) settings but if you do that, all added offers will install alongside without your explicit permission. If you opt for Advanced settings, all added offers will be made visible and you will have the option to deselect what you do not want. All you have to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers.

Even if an extra offer seems useful initially, we do not recommend allowing any of them to install. Allowing these installations is a quick way to fill a computer with junk programs that can be difficult to get rid of. It should also be mentioned that programs using software bundling to install will be detected as potential threats by anti-virus programs.

MagnaEngine browser hijacker is also advertised as a useful extension on free program download sites. These deceptive programs are why it’s important to research programs before downloading them. A simple search with Google is often enough to determine whether a program is legitimate or not. We also recommend downloading programs only from their official websites to avoid downloading junk.

How to remove MagnaEngine browser hijacker

Browser hijackers aren’t particularly serious infections but they do need to be removed. You will not be able to change your browser’s settings until you do. You can remove MagnaEngine browser hijacker both manually and using anti-virus software like WiperSoft. The latter is recommended because the program would take care of everything. Browser hijackers can be quite persistent so their manual removal may take some time. Once you fully delete MagnaEngine browser hijacker from your computer, you will be able to change your browser’s settings as usual and your browsing will go back to normal.

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